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Michael Kahan

LocationNew Jersey
Experience12 Years

Michael started travelling at a young age—with grandparents in Hawaii and his father in California—jumping on a plane became second nature.

His passion for aviation and hospitality continued to grow as the years went by.

After testing the waters  in Law School (Brooklyn Graduate 1996) and Finance (VP at Deutsche Bank), and cultivating some amazing relationships along the way, Michael wandered into the travel industry in 2007.  Over the past 7 years, he has become energized and focused, building his business and learning his trade. He is incredibly excited to continue the journey in “his life’s work.”

Unless he is with his amazing wife and beautiful daughters, you can expect to find Michael talking about, thinking about or reading about travel! He enjoys meeting new clients and is incredibly grateful for all of the friends he has made around the industry. His greatest strengths are his unwavering integrity, tireless work ethic and wonderful compassion for others.

His favorite spots so far are Hawaii (of course), Mexico, St Barts and Spain—and hopes to continue globe trotting very soon!!