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Michelle Flinn


Travel broadens our minds, our palates, our imaginations, and – if we’ll let it – our hearts.

As a child my family and I traveled, but staying in nice resorts or hotels was not a priority for them.  Luckily, we were able to go on some of my Dad’s work trips to places that my parents would not normally choose.  I enjoyed all of our family trips, but especially the ones where we had chocolates on our pillows!  Studying abroad during college broadened my worldview.  I knew there were so many places and cultures around the world I had to experience.

In adulthood, managing my investment beach vacation property further solidified my belief in how valuable vacations are for all of us, from individuals and couples to families and lifelong friends.  I have enjoyed watching my Son develop his own need to explore.  I love to pamper so joining SmartFlyer was a natural fit, it is what SmartFlyer does best.

My favorite part of travel is the opportunity to engage with the local culture, and  seek out experiences that are unique to the area. I love to find the best local restaurants, from dives to fine dining, listen to music with the locals in a hole-in-the-wall venue and just soak up as much culture as possible.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My first visit to Ireland was one of my favorite trips.  I used a physical paper map to navigate the entire trip (by choice).  Absolutely loved the people of Ireland!  Instead of asking what you did for a living they asked about family, so refreshing.  My favorite town in Ireland is a little coastal town called Kinsale.  Shops and restaurants are plentiful.  Old Head golf course was amazing to visit (I am not a golfer).  The highlight was the day we drove the Ring of Kerry.  The drive was exactly how I had envisioned Ireland,  every shade of green imaginable and sheep crossings around every bend.  At the end of that day we stayed in a Manor House in Killarney called Cahernane.  Perfect spot to take a break from driving.  Our room was exquisite with large marble shower and soaking tub overlooking a beautiful pasture.  We had all we needed, tea in the solarium in the afternoon.   Cocktails before dinner in the Cellar Bar took you back in time.  The dining experience was divine!

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

As life gets busy I have realized that vacations are so imperative not only to having quality time with friends and family but to nourish our souls.   Becoming an agent allows me to be a part of what I think it one of the most impactful part of our lives – making memories.

Favorite Travel Tip

I always try avoid overpacking by planning my outfits on paper with a trip calendar. This helps me visualize how I can re-wear assorted articles of clothing, shoes and accessories to create a bigger variety of hassle-free ensembles.