Michelle Jackson

Connecticut - 4 Years of experience

After studying abroad in Italy, Michelle’s love for travel pointed her towards a career in hospitality.

Upon graduation Michelle pursued her passions and moved to NYC, where she loved exploring the cities newest hotel and restaurant openings.  She currently resides in New Canaan, Connecticut with her husband and 2 active children who enjoy sand in their toes as much as she does.

Michelle’s travel resume includes visiting far away destinations from the Adriatic Coast to South Africa as well as those closer to home including the Caribbean, Florida, and Mexico. Her favorite vacations are those that balance a variety of activities for her busy family as well as ample time for leisure and relaxation.

Michelle’s extensive travel experience has taught her that proper planning ensures enjoyable travel experiences that are memorable for all the right reasons. She looks forward to helping her clients plan the itineraries ranging from romantic trips to family affairs.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My husband took me on a South African adventure for our honeymoon. Having 2 weeks to get lost and explore that beautiful country is an experience that still has a powerful impact on me 8 years later. We started our trip in Mauritius (an unfamiliar destination to both of us) which offered us time to relax beach-side and unwind after the hectic days leading up to our wedding. Then we traveled to Cape Town for some cultural exploration, wine tasting and whale watching. Lastly, we ended our trip going on Safari which simply took my breath away.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

I was inspired to become an agent due to my love of exploring new destinations and creating everlasting memories. The agent I worked with for my honeymoon created a once in a lifetime experience that took the stress out of planning. She curated an itinerary that appealed both to my husband’s interest in exploration and experience and my desire for relaxation. I look forward to helping others navigate the world of travel and planning unforgettable experiences.