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Pei Tjia

Experience 6 Years

Fernweh (n): an ache for distant places, being homesick for a place you’ve never been.

Every great journey has a starting point, and mine always begins with fernweh.

I’m always looking for those moments you will savour for years to come, those picture-perfect spots to capture that feeling, and the unique experiences you won’t stop raving (and craving) about.  Everyone appreciates the finer details — the soft touch of polished service, access to the impossible, the seamlessness of it all, but to me, that’s just the beginning.

For years, I have been immersed in the inspiring world of luxury travel.  My experience extends from curating hotel collections for the most bespoke luxury boutique agencies to representing Aman, one of the most exclusive hotel brands in the world.   With that breadth, I am confident matching clients to the right locations and experiences.

You can follow my fernweh on Instagram, on what those closest to me affectionately call my venture, @thepeigency.

Welcome to the starting point for your next great journey.

Favorite Travel Tip

Take all the pictures - sunrises, that holiday breakfast overlooking the water, that really old building -- the only picture you will regret is the one you missed.