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Phyliss Brassey

Experience53 Years

Lost in tales of magic carpets and adventures in far-off lands, Phylliss spent many a childhood day dreaming of being anywhere but where her small tennis shoes were presently planted.

Studying the cultures and customs of other countries was what sustained Phylliss in her school years, and was lucky enough to call Italy home for several years, realizing the thrill of living a dream.

It was that thrill that made Phylliss want to help others experience the same thing. Living in another country may not be possible for everyone, but travel opens doors to experiences that can be life-changing, even if only for a week or two. It turns out that helping a couple, a family or an adventurous solo traveler with details of a special, very personal trip and having them return with enthusiasm and excitement for what they saw, did, and learned is every bit as fulfilling for Phylliss as her own travel.