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Puran Arons

LocationNew York

As a native of India, Puran grew up in Pakistan and immigrated to England to begin her career in the travel industry.

After almost a decade on the continent, she moved to the U.S., but has continued to travel extensively throughout Europe and cruise exotic destinations, including the Orient, Japan, China, the Greek Isles and the Black Sea.  Puran specializes in leisure travel and enjoys planning extensive cruises, tours and personalized itineraries for domestic and foreign travel. Whether kayaking through Alaskan waters, ballooning over the wine country of France, exploring the last frontiers of Antarctica or biking down the Halekala volcano in Maui is your idea of family vacation, look no further than Puran!

She enjoys booking for today’s savvy traveler, who wants to be challenged and educated. From whale watching in Baja to glacier skiing in New Zealand, a cruise up the Amazon, an African safari, a golf trip to Europe or an ecological tour in Costa Rica or the Galapagos Islands.