Rachel Braylovsky

New York - 8 Years of experience

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Growing up with a mother who is also a travel agent, Rachel began traveling the world as young as two years old, frequenting destinations like the Caribbean, Italy and France. Needless to say, the travel bug has always lived in Rachel’s DNA.

With travel as a moving force, Rachel’s passion is driven by the pursuit of exploration and learning. Rachel is inspired by culture, food, music and art and her personal life reflects that. When she isn’t traveling, you can find Rachel taking in the outdoors, indulging in the local foodie scene or scouting around New York for live music.

Her travel motto: It’s important not to forget the present when we are exploring the past. There is so much fun and value in experiencing life as it is today, as much as we immerse ourselves into the storylines of the past. See a show at a local venue, rent a car and take a road trip—these experiences will enrich your discoveries abroad.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

(So far) the most memorable experience was arriving to Petra at night, the entire pathway lit up with hundreds of candles leading up to the famous Treasury. We sat amongst the candles, listened to stories and drank tea with the ancient descendants of the Nabateans. In the morning, we went back and hiked 11 miles and saw the kingdom by day.

How do you prepare for trips?

Plan out 3/4 of your trip and leave the rest to spontaneity. Also, Residentadvisor.net is my life line for all things music wherever I go.