Rachelle Mosing


A childhood spent animatedly reading adventure novels with her mother cemented Rachelle’s wonder of travel.

Dreaming of exploration, Rachelle continued to pursue her love of adventure by studying International Studies and French Literature in college. Jetting off to Europe any chance she could, she eventually moved to France, where she learned to “live like a local.” The influx of cultural knowledge during her time abroad left her in awe of our vastly vibrant world, leaving her thirsting for more. She learned to never lose that thirst for exploration and to live life through a lens of curiosity. 

Rachelle has since moved back stateside and is passionate about sharing her expertise with her clients. Her mission is to advise her clients on how to quench their own thirst for adventure, culture, wanderlust, and authenticity, no matter where their adventures may take them.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

My bucket list destinations are Morocco, Thailand, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Bali. Booking travel to these locations felt daunting prior to becoming a travel agent, but since becoming an affiliate of SmartFlyer, I have access to knowledgeable partners based around the world who help me craft personalized itineraries in even the most remote destinations. 

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

I became a personal translator, tour guide, and travel agent when my family and friends came to visit me while I was living in France. I realized my excitement in planning mundane details, and I reveled in watching their eyes light up with wonder at a new destination. Helping others travel is infinitely rewarding to me, something that fell flat when I considered any other career path. 

Travel Tip

  • Let go of everything you are accustomed to and let your soul expand into a new space. Breathe. And just be.