Randee Shyer

New York
16 Years of experience

Randee has always been inspired by the knick-knacks of what makes the world turn.

Her best childhood memories are of family vacations and she hopes to give that back to evolving families today!

Travel has always inspired Randee to look past what is right in front of us every day and bring back different cultures, lifestyles and environments to our home. She has seen the growth of her own young family through the undivided attention that each family member gives to each other during these adventures. Most amazingly, because of this, vacation seems to produce a learning experience of intellectual development for children! She wants to help every family relish in the fields of such journeys.

Through family travel growing up, to organized group trips as a teenager, independent travel & study as a college student, corporate travel, solo travel & discovery, couples travel, & family travel as a parent, Randee has toured many countries and nooks in this world.

Following 7 years of selling and managing white glove corporate travel at Tzell Travel Group, Randee teamed up with Nicole Gerber to start Jetsetting Families, a bespoke, luxury travel agency.

Randee believes each families experience: the tastes, the smells, feel, sounds and the memory of their trip stay with them for years to come. Everything from the care package before take off, the feng shui of the room, food they eat, the welcome gift upon arrival, the babysitter and the flower they find walking from their room to the beach is carefully curated. Jetsetting Families believes that it isn’t just about the name of the hotel, but reaching all 5 senses of each guest at the property.


Travel Tip

  • My favorite airline accessory is the 1st Class Kid travel pillow. Not only does it aid in making a more comfortable economy class seat, but in business class (that does not recline), it offers comfort and options for us adults too!!