Raoul Fokké

3 Years of experience

Born in Amsterdam but raised around the globe, Raoul has lived and worked across four continents; his mission as a luxury travel advisor is rooted in helping clients uncover underrated gems.

A modern-age travel designer, Raoul specializes in planning and curating travel to the places less visited. Despite growing up wanting to avoid working in the same industry as his hospitality-immersed family, years later, he found himself studying Hospitality Management. This led to a decade of working for some of the best luxury hotel brands across the globe. You could say that hotels are practically in his genes.

Raoul’s career in the hospitality industry enabled him to travel all over the world–within the span of a week, he’d sometimes have to travel from Central America all the way to Central Asia, testing out some of the finest travel experiences first-hand. Along the way, he made countless industry connections which today help him to create memorable experiences on behalf of clients. His motto? All our clients are unique individuals, so their travel experiences should be equally unique.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

My passion for the hospitality industry started at a young age. I was spending my summer holiday in Turkey with my nieces, nephews, and extended family–you can imagine how much fun we had! One day, the General Manager of the hotel we were staying at spent some time at our table while making his rounds in the breakfast room. The fact that he took the time to genuinely show interest in my family’s visit made such an impression on me that I knew I wanted to follow a path that would allow me to connect with people in a similar way. Fast forward, working for several years in properties across the globe where I was responsible for the hotel experience, I realized that as a travel advisor I could further deepen these connections with clients; so, I took the leap.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

A solo trip to Georgia–a country in Central Asia–was super impressionable. I first visited its main capital, Tbilisi, and stayed at the beautiful Stamba Hotel–a historical factory turned into a stunning and well-designed hotel property. From there, I travelled for about two hours towards Kazbegi which is right along the Caucasus Mountains. The countryside there is unbelievably raw and beautiful. Everything in this trip was a surprise…the stunning nature, the caring people and the delicious food still stick with me today!

Travel Tip

  • Accept that you won't be able to see everything. Make sure to allow space and time for something unexpected and unplanned in your itineraries.

Favorite Property


Java, Indonesia