At five years old, Rebecca had already stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris and eaten gelato by the Trevi Fountain, and before her twenty-first birthday she had already toured five continents.

She finds beauty in all the places she travels, whether its a hidden panorama of Belize by propeller plane, the landscape of Jordan by camel, or the amazing Road to Hana in Hawaii. As newlyweds, Rebecca and her husband traveled extensively in search of places offering unparalleled dining experiences, including Le Pergola in Rome, Victoria and Albert’s in Orlando and the De Kas organic greenhouse outside of Amsterdam. Today, she views parenthood as an opportunity to share her love of travel with her son and her husband; it’s her goal to show him more of the world each year.

In addition to being a travel agent, Rebecca is an attorney who proudly serves as a member of the Oyster Bay Zoning Board. She represents over 300,000 residents in their needs within the township, and represents her travel clients in their quest to enjoy singular touring experiences. To round out her accreditations, Rebecca has recently become one of the first travel advisors worldwide to be certified as a Wanderlist specialist; this  enabling her to curate gorgeous, bespoke travel portfolios for her clients.  She enjoys helping families deepen their connections to one another and the world around them through experiences and adventures.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Oooh, it’s so hard to narrow it to one – can I share two? Most recently, watching my seventy-year old father and twelve-year old son cheer each other on as they whizzed through the sky on Costa Rica’s longest zip line was an incredible thrill. The adrenaline we all felt was charging in the air, and the beauty of the jungle canopy is something I can still see when I close my eyes. Another favorite was a rainy afternoon in Paris on our multi-generational family adventure last summer. Our family was snuggled in a cozy patisserie with a local baker, learning how to make macarons – everyone got to create their own customized pastel color for their batch of batter, and we all turned into children again as we concocted and poured the creamy dough to create our confections! Sharing that experience with each other (and the time we spent with the Parisien chef) took our experience from a “vacation” to a true “French connection.”

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

Growing up, my parents put an emphasis on travel from the time I was a toddler. Trips to Hawaii and Europe were part our family’s story from the time we were little and these formative experiences taught me patience, respect and a healthy dose of curiosity. More interestingly, even though our family is now widely separated geographically, those memories and stories carry with me as an adult, making me feel closer to my parents and brother through their retelling; those moments are the fabric that weaves our family together. I love enjoying those same special, deep connections with my husband and our son, continuing the tradition through multi-generational travel with all of our parents, and feel privileged to get to help design these same types of moments and special experiences for my clients.

Travel Tip

  • Read before you go, and not just the Internet! Before our family travel, we stock up on novels, biographies and (for the kids) picture books that feature the destination where we are headed. It brings a new dimension to the trip, and makes sightseeing more relevant and meaningful.


Outstanding. Putting together a trip for 5 people (age 19-62) is not an easy task. Rebecca exceeded all expectations. We had high adventure and time to relax. The quality of her staff is exceptional. All our pick ups were on time. Tours were amazing, guides were great. Rebecca was wonderful during the planning process. She was quick to respond to my never ending questions and was proactive in helping me make decisions. She and her staff where always in touch throughout our vacation making sure all was going well. Stupendous is all I can say.


Rebecca chose hotels for our 2 week stay in Italy that most of my friends who had traveled to Italy had never heard of or knew about. One was more amazing than the other. Villa Cora in Florence we thought could not be topped and then we checked into Ceasar Augustus in Capri and were completely blown away. This trip was planned right down to the very last detail which made it completely stress free and memorable. Each side trip was carefully thought out to maximize our enjoyment. Sit down have a chat with Rebecca, she will figure out in short order what you like and don't like and plan accordingly. Trust her with every aspect of the trip. She is an expert and professional and will never steer you wrong. Should there be any issues like flight delays or cancellations, she is on it right away to get you on your way seamlessly. We love Rebecca and would never travel anywhere without her guidance.


My family (husband and 2 teenage kids) just returned from 2 weeks in Italy. Rebecca planned the trip of a lifetime and made this such an easy and painless process. We went to Rome, Florence, Venice and Puglia. Rebecca picked incredible hotels for us and the excursions that were fun for the entire family. We were taken care of every step of the way due to her precise planning and attention to every detail! Rebecca is a pleasure to work with-- extremely responsive and listens to understand the nuances of her client to plan the trips that match the demographics/ desires of her clients. Any time there was any small hiccup, Rebecca was available and resolved any issue for us immediately--way above and beyond the call of duty! I'd highly recommend working with Rebecca for any trip you have- she's a true pro and a great personality to work with to brainstorm ideas and execute a fantastic trip!


Rebecca once again helped us with all the details of our cruise, hotel arrangements, and transfers. Rebecca is a wonderful travel professional; readily available to us and highly responsive to all requests. She is our passport to the wonderful amenities offered by Virtuoso, which adds to the value and enjoyment of our trip. Rebecca provided a detailed itinerary with all relevant contact information. She checked in with us frequently during our trip to ensure that things were going well. Highly recommended to other travelers.