Richard Rivera

New York City
35 Years of experience

Travel allows Richard to expand his mind and be one with the rest of the world, creating experiences and memories that stay with both him and his clients forever.

The travel bug was implanted in Richard at a very young age. He remembers his dad would drive their family to JFK airport where they would enter the terminals to watch the planes take off. He’d stare in amazement, thinking, “Wow, where are those planes going? What’s out there?” Richards’ own adventures in traveling began during his high school years; he saved every penny he made working at the local pharmacy to take his first trip to Nassau, Bahamas. Immediately after graduating from The New York Institute of Technology–where he majored in Hotel and Restaurant Management–he decided to pursue a career as a travel professional.

Since then, he has delved into his specialty in corporate and executive travel with an emphasis on white-glove service. Richard has spent three decades and counting as a successful travel advisor for various Fortune 500 companies. Joining SmartFlyer in early 2017 as an Independent Travel Advisor has been a game-changer for his career. Richard has been able to further explore and immerse himself in various travel and destinations empowering him to sell unique experiences and memories, rather than just flights and a hotel stay. It’s truly a win-win for everyone!

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My most memorable travel experience was in February of 2003. I decided to not only travel to Rio De Janeiro for Carnival, but also participate in the Sambodromo parade with one of Rio’s most well-known Samba Schools…Mangueira. What an experience! Dancing in the stadium with three thousand other members of the school–at 3 am–to the beat of three hundred percussionists playing Samba while singing the school’s theme song (the enredo) was magical. The energy of the thousands of spectators, the music, and the costumes all led to a magical experience that will stay with me forever.

Which destination do you go back to again and again?

My favorite destination which I return to again and again is right here in the US! Arizona is where I go to re-energize and become one with nature. Whether it’s Scottsdale or Sedona, the stillness of the desert, the magical sunsets, and prestigious mountains all contribute to the most stunning scenery which feeds my soul.

Travel Tip

  • Don't try and do or see too much at one time. Allow yourself the opportunity to savor, indulge and immerse yourself in the destination. Be in the moment!