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Robert Merlin

LocationSt. Louis
Experience13 Years
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Robert is a St. Louis-based professional known for (seemingly magically) balancing his careers as an attorney and travel agent in tandem.

An average day for Rob starts with early morning emails tweaking itineraries before prepping for trials and depositions, soon followed by planning anything from a Costa-Rican honeymoon to a multi-generational family trip to St Barth’s. A father of two, Robert has traveled to over 60 destinations and loves making luxury trips enjoyable for the entire family. Rob treats his travel clients just as he does his legal ones, with the upmost care and personal attention.

Which destinations do you go back to again and again?

Aside from Disney, which we’ve visited over a dozen times as a family, I love London. We just did a father-son trip with my oldest and it was a blast. Not only does this city offer some of the best hotel product in the world, but you never run out of things to do. My son loves soccer, so we went to an Arsenal football game at Emirates Stadium and he couldn’t get over how cool it was. We also went off the beaten path a bit (the beauty of going somewhere more than once) and did a street art tour as well as saw a show at the theater. For both couples and families, London offers so much history, culture and art.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Of all the trips I’ve been on, it’s impossible to pick just one as my most memorable travel experience. So, I’d say it’s a tie between my honeymoon and an epic trip I took with my wife a few years later. When planning our 3-week honeymoon, I used a travel agent for the first time in my life. At that point, I’d been a practicing lawyer for a few years and the last thing I could imagine was piecing together a safari itinerary. We ended up visiting Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The experience of working with an agent sparked something I circled back to when deciding to start booking travel on behalf of my own clients.

The other travel experience that really sticks out was a trip to Morocco. My wife had just found out she was pregnant in the middle of the trip, so it was already super memorable. But on top of that, we happened to be there during the worst flooding the Sahara had seen in 40-years; as we’re in the middle of the African desert in this crazy inclement weather, we ended up meeting people from our hometown of St. Louis! Fast forward and we’re now best friends with them. Our kids are inseparable. The whole thing is truly a testament to how travel connects people.


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