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Sarah Wauterlek Pierson

Experience11 Years
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Sarah W. Pierson is the founder of Purposeful Wanderings, a boutique travel consulting company that provides luxury travel planning services with a give back element.

She previously was co-founder of a company in which she organized and led trips for small groups that combined luxury travel with volunteer work. She also has experience traveling to places such as India and Africa as a specialist photographer for non-profits.

Sarah’s Father, an Ophthalmologist, took her to Ghana with his medical team on trip to perform cataract surgery when she was young. As a result, her love for travel was born. Since then she has traveled the world for adventure, charity, luxury and more.

Sarah loves to work closely with her clients to determine the purpose behind their travel whether for relaxation, romance, adventure, cultural exploration or other. A portion of the proceeds from each vacation goes to charity work in the city or country visited on the client’s behalf.

You can follow some of Sarah’s travels through her photography, here and writing here.

Favorite Travel Tip

Go for a long walk or run when you arrive at your destination. It not only feels great and can help with jet lag, but it helps to familiarize the area in a way that nothing else can. It has proven to be an excellent tool for discovering cafes and shops to visit.