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Shannon Smith

LocationNew York

Adventure is out there.

From a very young age, Shannon knew there was more adventure to be had, outside of the small town in which she was raised.   She loves any kind of travel, whether it is a trip to visit relatives in New England, a fun family vacation down to Nashville, or just moving to and living in a city she’s never been to before.

Shannon graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Film/Video, but realized her passion is really travel, adventure, and vacation.  She’s especially smitten with the idea of hospitality and vacations since being given the amazing opportunity to work in Walt Disney World for a semester in 2011. Her goal is to one day take a cross-country trip and see all the sites along the way.

As a lover of both administrative work and adventure, Shannon feels as though her position as the Affiliates and Program Coordinator for SmartFlyer is truly the perfect job for her.  She hopes to be able to provide the best possible support for all agents within SmartFlyer.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

A few summers ago, I experienced Nashville, TN for the very first time – and I completely fell in love.  The atmosphere, the people, the music, and the food.  Ever since that trip, I’ve tried to go back once a year to get my Nasvhille fix.  Nothing especially memorable happened on that trip, but when you fall in love with a city, you remember that travel experience.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

I have always been fascinated with Ireland.  I love the culture, the music, the views, the people – and yet, I’ve never had the chance to visit.  Additionally, I have family from there and that live there currently.  So, I’m really looking forward to one day being able to visit and experience the culture and places that are so special to my family and to me.