Shara Illiano

Motivated by the desire to foster human connection and guided by an innate attention to detail, Shara designs extraordinary escapes that uniquely reflect each of her clients.

Raised in Florida, Shara moved to New York City to study journalism at NYU before ultimately pursuing a long-term career in finance. In her free time, she would coordinate group dinners, celebrations, and both local and international trips. After planning the ultimate celebratory getaway to Capri with fifty of her loved ones from across the globe, she realized she could utilize her professional project management background to bring people together in all corners of the globe.

From her varied personal experiences ranging everywhere from Bali to Bora Bora, South Africa to Spain, and across Italy, Shara excels at curating experiences tailored to the unique tastes of her clients. Additionally, her detail-oriented nature assures them that the behind-the-scenes logistics are polished and their itinerary has been carefully designed. Simply showing up and relishing in the moment is all that is asked from her travelers once they arrive in their chosen destination.

Which destinations or hotels do you go back to again and again? Why?

Without fail I feel called to return to Italy year after year. The combination of its remarkable hospitality, delectable cuisine, and vibrant culture nourishes my soul. I always return home as a renewed version of myself. I especially love trips to Amalfi where “spritz o’clock” is almost as refreshing as a swim in the Mediterranean sea.

What has been your most memorable travel experience to date?

Glamping in the Moroccan desert was certainly a step out of my comfort zone, however, I found myself enamored by the completely foreign, yet breathtaking environment beneath the stars, amidst the rolling sand dunes of the Sahara. It was truly magical and marks my most memorable experience to date.


Travel Tip

  • Come home with something small–a candle or hand lotion–that smells reminiscent of your favorite hotel or destination. There is something incredibly powerful about the way scent can evoke strong memories and transport you back to a time or place.