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Shaun Schisler

Experience6 Years

Shaun is a native Southern California girl, and has been an Interior Designer for 20 years.

She loves all things “beautiful” and appreciates every nuance of traveling that would provide her with amazing inspiration and remain etched in her mind. Some of her favorite beautiful locations have been Italy, Greece, Thailand, South Africa, Nicaragua and St. Barth.

Shaun and her husband have two boys who are now college age, but while they were growing up, she would plan all their trips to encourage them to see a bigger world, and get  them involved in knowing alternate cultures.

An incredible friend introduced her to the idea of Luxury Travel Planning, and the opportunity proved to be an easy, natural fit! Shaun finds pleasure in working with Clients and helping them to plan not just a vacation – but an adventure! She believes there is nothing better than that moment when a person unconsciously stops, looks around,  and they are truly “awed” by the beauty of where they are in that moment! She believes it is what keeps us young and happy!