Shelby Dziwulski

4 Years of experience

After a decade as a Search and Rescue Navy Pilot traveling the world, Shelby launched an eco-luxe travel concierge that plans your perfect vacay from start to finish. No detail is forgotten!

A search and rescue pilot for the US Navy turned “travelpreneur.” Shelby launched Authenteco Travel in 2020 and grew her luxury travel concierge service during a worldwide pandemic! This speaks to her dedication to her clients and tenacity for crafting truly bespoke vacations. She has traveled to over forty countries in the past few years, and knows exactly where to go for hidden adventures while never compromising luxury!

Shelby and her team craft one-of-a-kind vacations perfectly designed for her clients. By using a stress-free travel questionnaire powered by machine learning, her team is able to understand exactly who you are and how you like to travel so that your vacation is created just for you! No two clients are alike and Shelby believes every client has a personal travel style. While some like to fill every minute of their day, other clients just want to relax and enjoy divine food! Shelby and her team are able to “plan the vacation you never could have” according to past clients!

Founder of Authenteco Travel, an eco-luxury travel concierge that plans your perfect vacation, she is teaching travelers across the globe how to travel responsibly. She has created personalized vacations to over 30 destinations worldwide, traveled to forty + destinations internationally in the past 4 years, and crafted a bulletproof method for planning your flawless getaway.

Authenteco has been featured by the New York Times, Washington Post, and Boston Globe for our expert advice and growth amidst the COVID-19 pandemic!

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

Terrified by the amount of trash I witnessed from the seat of my helicopter floating in the middle of the pacific ocean, I’m on a mission to flip the travel industry on it’s head through my sustainable company, Authenteco Travel! After 10 years of service in the US Navy, I was able to quite literally travel the world and lived abroad in Japan for four years. The Navy enabled me to jet set to over forty destinations on personal vacations where I discovered a deep passion and love for eco-luxury travel. I always loved the finer things in life, but truly enjoyed connecting with the local communities in my destination and wanted to always ensure I only left footprints when I traveled. After seeing so many beautiful places in the world, it is my honor to try and preserve them for future generations through Authenteco!

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

As I’ve gotten older, my perfect vacation day has absolutely changed! I’ve learned to embrace the value of each moment instead waking up at five am to fill my Instagram feed with as many sites as possible. I’ve come to learn you can’t see a country in a week, so my days are usually slowly filled with meaningful connections and delicious food! I love waking up to a slow breakfast, and then taking a walk or bike ride in my destination! I enjoy exploring on my own for a few hours each day with one planned experience in the afternoon that brings me closer to the local culture or food. Then, I usually return to my accommodation, experience a divine spa treatment, and get ready for a meal at a Michelin restaurant to end the night!

Travel Tip

  • You can be spontaneous but always have a plan! Post-Covid, reservations are a must for guaranteed access to hidden gems like divine restaurants and that perfect boutique hotel!