Sheri Parker

New Jersey
2 Years of experience

Whether by foot, airplane, bike, or boat, the chance to get away and help others to experience the joy of travel fuels Sheri’s passion for travel planning.

Prior to pursuing a career change, Sheri spent fifteen years in the finance and public relations industries managing schedules, coordinating travel, and planning corporate events for C-Suite executives. Sheri’s professional background inspired her to continually seek the finest destinations for her friends, family, and peers. Over time, she developed a deep proficiency in researching hotels and finding the latest and greatest hotspots.

No matter what destination she’s looking into–whether for herself or on behalf of her network–it’s all with the goal of creating an unforgettable and unique experience. A trip inspiration can come to Sheri from attending a special event abroad, or simply dreaming about a bucket list destination. When traveling, she’s a true explorer. Sheri always hits the top must-see attractions, but additionally makes time to find the more obscure sites which are often just as charming. While she builds her itineraries to be immersive and aims to never miss a thing, Sheri carves out downtime to relax and recharge before the next outing.

What was your most memorable travel experience?

From road trips and gateway cities to luxury on the beach, I have visited 25+ countries and over half of U.S. states. It would be impossible to pick a favorite, but if I had to rank them, two experiences were most memorable. First, I participated in a 14-day hiking traverse through the Alps experiencing the unique alpine cultures and varied cuisines of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Although a challenging endeavor, the scenery was unrivaled and the reward at the end of a long day was an overnight stay in a charming hotel in numerous quaint mountain villages.

After the Alps, I was determined to be more ambitious and planned an adventure across East Africa, starting with a Serengeti safari and culminating in a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. This trip checked off all the boxes for me: hiking, scenery, wildlife, and adventure. From luxury tented camps to remote lodges on the savannah, the unique accommodations were never far from awe-inspiring wildlife. A hot air balloon ride at sunrise over the Serengeti that touched down for a formal breakfast set up among the grasslands was something I will never forget. Summiting snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro was one of my proudest achievements and I can’t help but marvel at the skills of the guides who make the mountain and the surrounding lands their home. The final stop on my East Africa journey was some much-deserved relaxation on the beaches of Zanzibar.

Though some of my past destinations were particularly distinctive, every trip I have planned for myself I would honestly return to again! It just competes against my wanderlust for what’s next.

Travel Tip

  • Don't plan every minute of every day. Travel is about exploring the unexpected!