After splitting her time between two separate hemispheres for over thirty-five years, it’s no wonder Stacy found a calling in travel.

A dual US-Australian citizen with an Asia-Pacific-based banking and non-profit background, Stacy shares her multifaceted geographic and cultural awareness as a travel advisor. Driven by curiosity about other cultures, she views the arts – followed closely by food – as central to how a society expresses itself. These perspectives shape her travel planning process. Stacy knows how many sides a country has to it: ancient and contemporary, tangible and intangible, natural and man-made. All of which she helps her clients discover across all seven continents.

Stacy can be found every week volunteering as a guide at the renowned Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia. There, she has the privilege of educating visitors on the world’s contemporary art. Unique for a US-based travel advisor, she is well-versed and plugged into Australia’s First Nations’ arts and cultural sector, making her a true expert in travel planning for clients seeking rich, authentic experiences of Indigenous Australia.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

A common thread runs through my most memorable: the delight in watching my child engage freely with people and animals in faraway places and cultures. The highlights range from the Andes to jungles in Malaysia; from the Amazon to Buddhist temples in Vietnam.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

I cannot wait to explore Patagonian and Atacama, Chile. Namibia also competes for the top of my list for its singular, pristine natural desert environments.

Travel Tip

  • Start each morning of a journey fresh with a quick moment to recenter yourself. And always, stay open to the unexpected!