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Stacy Luks

Experience12 Years
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Never one to stay in her comfort zone, Stacy brings her lifelong passion and experience of seeing the world to establishing a SmartFlyer presence in Richmond, VA.

Though her parents were not travel-inclined, Stacy, a DC-area native, pushed to go to Italy at age 14. Next came the college semester in London. By age 26, having travelled with work throughout Asia, and with an M.A. in International Relations under her belt, she had relocated herself to Sydney.  She was happily ‘captive’ to Australia for a decade – living and working in Sydney and Melbourne – enough so as to become a dual citizen.

As a travel professional for 7 years now, Stacy’s ‘transformative travel-crafting’ work follows careers in corporate finance and non-profit consulting. She is a sharp listener, engaging clients as a true collaborator. Her own frequent travels and those she’s been privileged to plan span six continents. Enduring favorite destinations – Australia aside – include Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, and French Polynesia.

Outside of travel, Stacy is wife & mom, politics junkie, Pilates enthusiast and olive oil hobbyist.  She proudly serves on the boards of Nature Camp and Slow Food RVA, which she co-founded.


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