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Taylor Allen Teixeira

LocationLos Angeles
Experience7 Years

Born and raised in the South Bay city of Manhattan Beach, Taylor is an Angelino through and through.

From a young age, Taylor traveled extensively with her family and was instilled with a desire to continuing exploring the world beyond California’s coast. After two years studying in the south of France followed by finishing up the last six months of her university studies in Thailand, her passion for travel, food, art, language, and culture only deepened. Taylor is delighted to bring the same sense of discovery that she experienced on her initial international adventures to her clients. She has been immersed in the travel industry for six years and handles in corporate, leisure, and entertainment travel.

When it comes to leisure travel, Taylor is passionate about curating memorable couples and family vacations. She loves the creativity behind hearing a client’s vision and bringing it to life. Taylor believes every trip should deliver life-altering experiences that broaden one’s mind and heart. To her, nothing is more beautiful than the growth harvested when a person is taken out of their normal environment and submerged harmoniously into a new culture. Creating the perfect itinerary to expose clients to a new perspective, a new language, both local and adventurous activities and the best food a region has to offer is an opportunity she’s grateful to call a career.

What destinations do you return to again and again?

Let me start by saying I fall in love with practically every place I visit! While there are dozens of places I look forward to visiting again, I find myself most often booking flights to get back to France and Italy. European culture has been an obsession my entire life. In college, I double-majored in French language and Humanities with a focus on Europe and a minor in Italian. Aside from the obvious love affairs tied to each country (hello, pasta, bread, cheese, wine, art, and history!) both countries allow you to choose your own adventure. Italy and France are both perfect destinations for families, a romantic holiday, drinking in the views from boutique city hotels or realizing on a private riviera beach. I will never tire of either place, that much I am certain of. Every time I do find myself back there, I make sure to visit a couple of new cities along the way. There are always new places to discover…the gems are endless.

What was your most memorable travel experience to date?

Without question, the six months I spent in Thailand with my now-husband while finishing up university mark my most memorable travels as there is no better way to experience a destination than by living it in. Two days a week I scootered to school dressed in my traditional Thai uniform: a white button-up shirt, black knee-lengthed skirt, and a purple elephant pin to represent the country of Thailand. Every morning, I’d have three stops before school: first, my fruit lady for my 35-cent pineapple and mango bowl. Second, my coffee lady who always had my iced coffee waiting for me…and lastly, to the gentleman who made the best Thai omelet I’ve had. The street food in Thailand is one of the best parts of the country. I dream of the day my children will be old enough to return back and watch them enjoy all that Thailand has to offer. Southeast Asia is one of my favorites parts of the world. Life is simple, the people are happy, and the nature’s beauty is incomparable to any other place.