Theo Laksmana

Los Angeles - 12 Years of experience

Will journey halfway across the world for a killer dining experience (especially since the aircraft is half the adventure!).

Born in Jakarta, Theo moved to the States when he was four years old. He grew up visiting Indonesia every summer with an established family tradition of stopping over in a connecting city like Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong or Taipei along the way for extra cultural enrichment. Beginning in his junior year of college–and even well before launching into his career in the travel industry–he would set out to experience at least one new country or destination each year. To date, this mission has helped bring Theo to over 40 countries and has enabled him to touch six continents.

For a decade prior to joining SmartFlyer, Theo specialized in planning travel for the entertainment industry; he dealt with rock stars and music divas–along with their management and entourages–and helped plan music tours, celebrity appearances and the vacations that came afterwards. This specialization in high-end corporate travel led Theo to begin planning personal vacations for entertainment clients, too. As a self-proclaimed aviation geek, one of Theo’s favorite parts of planning a trip is advising which airline to take because getting there is half the fun when you’ve got an upgraded class of service, which is exactly where he comes in.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My most memorable travel experience as of late was my visit to Israel. I didn’t go on a pilgrimage but was a tag along on a diplomatic mission. Seeing the country through the eyes of an impartial observer really gave me a deeper understanding of the crossroads of three major world religions–a site of so much conflict that still shines as a beacon of hope for so many. It was probably my most arduous trip as a traveler, but I will forever cherish my time there. And with the impending opening of exciting new products in the region, I look forward to planning Israel trips for my clients.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

I have the three I’s to look forward to: India, Ireland, and Iceland. Though I have been to southern India once, it’s much different to the more frequented northern half where gems like Jaipur await. Ireland and Iceland would be new for me and with their connectivity to nature and abundant luxury hotels, these two destinations continue to stand out on my lengthy bucket list.