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Tiffany Figueiredo

LocationFort Worth
Experience2 Years

What is London’s hottest restaurant? Where is Italy’s most charming seaside town? Which suitcase is built for both safari and a beach holiday? How do you get from Dubai to Muscat?

Questions like these are the ones Tiffany has answered in her decades-long career as an award-winning writer. She’s also been an editor at several luxury lifestyle and inflight publications and was the founding editor of American Airlines’ first class magazine. Creating compelling content that inspires readers involves digging deep into the details of a place and its people, making the right contacts to open doors, and exploring a destination until its secrets are revealed.

Tiffany uses her considerable research skills and curiosity to not only know her clients well, but create perfectly customized journeys — always with a dash of her loves: good food, hotels with soul, a connection to the local people, and a bit of nature (even if it’s drinks on a patio overlooking the Hudson River).

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Hiking with friends to a forest in the highlands of Michoacán, Mexico, where we sat silently under the sun surrounded by millions of monarch butterflies during their migration. It was so unexpectedly moving and magical.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

As a travel writer, I love researching a destination almost as much as visiting it, so becoming a travel agent, where I essentially write a unique travel story for each client, was a natural extension of that process. I start with an interview, where I learn my clients’ likes, dislikes, and dreams. I then use that information along with my knowledge base to work with my clients and collaborators to craft an exceptional, on-point experience. That’s when I put on my editor hat, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s so everything is as seamless as possible.

Favorite Travel Tip

Don’t know what clothes to pack? Use Instagram’s “places” search function to see snaps of what people are wearing in your destination, hotel, or even the trendy restaurant where your travel agent snagged you an impossible reservation.