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Vanessa Shapiro

Experience3 Years

The best stories are found between the pages of a passport!

As the product of two very different cultures, languages and religions, Vanessa was raised to see herself as a citizen of the world and so from a young age she was eager to explore it! With 25 countries & 3 continents under her belt and a 6-month stint living abroad in Italy, Vanessa offers a unique wealth of knowledge to her clients.

When working with Vanessa, it won’t feel as if a travel agent is planning your trip but instead a close and trusted friend. She takes that extra time to get to know each of her clients and fully understand their travel needs. These close relationships are what set her apart and she is proud to say that the majority of her clients come from direct referrals.

Vanessa specializes in honeymoons, Italian vacations, polo & equestrian travel and destination wedding blocks and buyouts – but no trip is too big or small for her expertise. She is happy to help with all domestic and international travel, weekend getaways, wine-tasting adventures, spa escapes, wellness retreats, family vacations, bachelorette parties, golf trips, cruises, staycations and any other travel needs that her clients may have!

When Vanessa is not busy planning amazing trips, she is out exploring the globe, racking up passport stamps and searching for that next hot spot and one-of-a-kind travel experience!

Favorite Travel Tip

Stay Present! Amazing things can happen when you travel. You'll experience different cultures, meet new people, try unique foods, learn about ways of life that are completely different than your own. But to really soak in the beauty of it all, you have to be there for it. So try and put away your phone, disconnect from social media, worry less about capturing that perfect moment and instead just stay present and enjoy it!