Vicky King

Sydney - 21 Years of experience

As a travel designer, Vicky aims to understand who you are and what you love about travel to craft a spectacular destination experience.

As a young adventurer, Vicky took a one-way flight from Sydney to Los Angeles to Vancouver to London. During that four-year journey, the world opened her eyes and ears, and cultivated a deep sense of wanderlust. Twenty-four years later, her travels to fifty-one countries across every continent led her to create and enjoy her own travel company, Journey Our World.

Vicky’s passion for travel and international savviness ensures that you will have a wonderful experience right from the booking process and then throughout your travels.  Additionally, her company is recognized globally as a Smartflyer Australia affiliate, giving you access to some of the world’s most exciting and exclusive air deals and hotel clubs.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Africa is absolutely one of my happiest and engaging travel experiences.  I’ve been fortunate to visit the continent four times and and I am itching to go back. There is something truly magical about Africa that is soul-shaking.  From East to South, the people are incredible and the scenery is vast, dramatic, beautiful, and ever-changing. The wildlife alone leaves you breathless.  I will never forget the tower of giraffes galloping gracefully right alongside our vehicle on my very first game drive. I had to pinch myself!