Tory has been around the world and back home again…

Although Tory now lives a block from the home she grew up in, she has traveled beyond her wildest dreams. When Tory met her husband, Peter, he lived in London and she was based in NJ. They carried out a trans-Atlantic relationship for two years before Tory relocated to London. London was home for several years; together they took advantage of all the city had to offer, including its position as a gateway to Europe. Tory’s adventures ranged from rafting the Soca River in Slovenia to snowboarding in the Alps to snorkeling in the Red Sea. However, she was equally happy in the country pubs of Kinsale, picnicking on Provencal hillsides, and sunbathing in Croatia. Tory’s favorite cities include Istanbul, Copenhagen, Cape Town, and London, of course.

While living in London, Tory worked for GoldenTree Asset Management where she planned much of the travel for the portfolio team. Prior to moving to London, she worked as an assistant kindergarten teacher at Far Hills Country Day school in NJ. Tory and Peter reside in Summit, NJ with their two daughters.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

During a ski trip to Verbier with a big group of friends, we had dinner at a fabulous mountain top restaurant. To access the restaurant, we were driven in a caravan of snowcats up the mountain. Once at the cozy cabin, we had the most delicious fireside meal, complete with cassoulet. Then with full bellies and light heads, we had to make our way down the mountain–on sleds that weren’t much bigger than a dinner plate. The only light was from the full moon! It was magical…and dangerous! I recommend that friends visit the same restaurant but suggest they pack headlamps!

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

I believe there’s no better way to spend your time or money than on travel. The memories made and the comfort zones crushed are far more valuable than any possession. I have always loved helping my friends and family plan their trips–whether to London or elsewhere. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do it professionally.

Travel Tip

  • You get bees with honey! Even when faced with travel disappointments, I try to express my frustrations firmly but always with a smile.