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Xavier Cano

LocationNew York
Experience7 Years

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Kissimmee, Florida, Xavier’s two greatest passions are theater and travel.

In fact, it is his love of theater and career as an actor that originally afforded him the opportunity to travel all over the world.

Xavier leads SmartFlyer’s Strategic Partnerships and Vendor Relations –  looking after SmartFlyer’s myriad of vendors and partners across the globe. With impeccable attention to detail, a keen eye for design and a love for adventure, culture and food, Xavier also consults on travel and planning trips worldwide.

While at the University of Miami working towards dual degrees in Musical Theater and Computer Science, a summer stock gig in Montana allowed him plenty of time to explore Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park; after graduating, a lead singer contract aboard Holland America took him to Alaska, down the West Coast, around Central America and through the Panama Canal, up the Amazon River to Manaus, Brazil, and all over the Caribbean. The 50th Anniversary International Tour of West Side Story took him all over Germany, Vienna, Paris, Barcelona and Zurich.

Favorite Travel Tip

Pack less than you think you should, treat your body well, and make some time to go off the beaten path


Xavier is absolutely top-notch. He is five out of five. Responsive. Collaborative problem-solver. Listens well. Knowledgeable and willing to go find out from others, if he doesn’t. I am so glad that Michael assigned Xavier to us. He has never disappointed me & Is very client focused.-A.G.

Excellent! He was very knowledgeable and understood exactly what I was looking for in a trip. He was even helpful while I was abroad.-K.D.

Xavier is professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful!-T.K.


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