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An Iconic Iceland Expedition by Private Helicopter

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Adventure awaits across Iceland’s glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanoes–you can experience it all in five of the country’s hottest spots over the course of ten days with a small, intimate group of no more than ten travelers.

The exclusivity offered by TCS World Travel ensures guests can enjoy immersive activities and unrivaled levels of service in highly controlled environments: whether you’re soaring over the Alaskan wilderness, seeing nine countries in twenty-four days, or on this unique expedition to Iceland. Take advantage of the midnight sun to maximize your time in remote and magnificent nature. And when you need a recharge, unwind at luxurious Nordic retreats and soak in natural hot springs and blue lagoon waters. And all throughout this breathtaking expedition, the TCS team ensures that responsible travel is at the forefront of all operations.

On this Iconic Iceland Expedition, you’ll travel from destination to destination via privately chartered helicopters, a journey that provides you with spectacular views of the landscapes throughout the country. And don’t sweat the small stuff; you’ll have TCS’s excellent staff – including an Expedition Leader – to manage all of the details on your behalf, including transporting your luggage to your next hotel room throughout the trip.

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Expedition at a Glance

During this 10-day adventure, guests will visit five different destinations all across Iceland: Reykjavik, Golden Circle, Southern Iceland, Troll Peninsula, and capping off at The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon.

Dates Available

This itinerary is currently available during August 21st, 2021 – August 30th, 2021.

How Much per Person?

$49,900 per person, double occupancy. Traveling solo? No problem, TCS offers a $6,487 solo supplement.

What's included?

The price of this all-inclusive expedition covers everything from travel on their private aircraft, outstanding hotels and meals, and ground transportation, down to daily activities, an expedition leader, top-of-the-line guides, and beverages and gratuities.


TCS-Selected Hotels

101 Hotel

Hotel 101 is a sleek boutique hotel set in a former office block in the center of downtown Reykjavik. This effortless stay boasts refined elegance with a stylish sense of comfort throughout. Stay cozy with heated oak floors, a fireplace lounge, a lively bar, and the whirlpool and sauna.


Torfhús Retreat

Set in the heart of Iceland‘s magnificent Golden Circle, Torfhús Retreat is an inspiring blend of authentic Icelandic style and relaxed eco-luxury. Inspired by the architecture of the Icelandic Viking farm at nearby Stöng, the traditional torfhús residences and torfbaer suites are crafted from local stone, reclaimed wood, and turf. Rejuvenate yourself in the tranquil, mesmerizing scenery while enjoying the wilderness adventures and action-packed activities all within easy reach.


Hotel Ranga

The Northern Lights and jaw-dropping landscapes of Southern Iceland set the scene for this luxury retreat. Year-round it puts awe-inspiring scenery at your feet whether you plan to snowmobile, sled, horse-ride, or fish your way around. After absorbing the great outdoors, settle into the cozy lounge or whimsical bar for hot drinks or cool cocktails.


Deplar Farm Lodge

Deplar Farm is one of the most unique properties in Iceland, located in the remote valley in the north part of Iceland surrounded by mountain peaks. What once was a sheep farm has now been turned into a high luxury lodge with all the service and comfort you need.


The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

Upon entering The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, the clock of modern life unwinds and a door opens to an incredible natural world. Gaze upon 800-year-old moss-covered lava and tiered pools of pastel blue water while lounging back in its modern matte interior. This stay is a lesson in harmonizing design to what exists beyond the walls: playing to the landscape rather than attempting to one-up it.



  • Explore the depths of the Thrihnukagigur volcano crater Day 2
  • Travel by Glacier Monster Truck to a volcanic ice cap Day 3
  • Super-jeep tours of the country's southern coastline Day 4
  • Marine-life spotting and thrill-seeking on one of Iceland's best-kept secret archipelagos Day 5
  • A journey into the Katla's natural blue ice caves Day 6
  • Traverse the lush Troll Peninsula on foot and bike Day 7-8
  • One final evening dipped in healing lagoon waters Day 9


1 Reykjavik, Iceland
Welcome to Iceland

You’ve packed your bags. You’ve taken your seat and buckled up. Now what? Well, your journey begins in the lively city of Reykjavik surrounded by incredible nature and filled with creative sights and attractions. Upon touching down just before sunrise, you’ll be met by a local representative and assisted through customs and security with VIP services. In just under an hour, you’ll reach the 101 Hotel in downtown Reykjavik where you can check-in early and then shake off jetlag in your sleek accommodations. After some light lunch and a chill afternoon all to yourself, head on over to a special welcome reception where you can meet other guests before dining at a restaurant featuring modern Icelandic fare in a private setting.

2 Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik to the Golden Circle

This morning, you’ll check out and head out on a private, scenic thirty-minute drive into the Blue Mountains. Here, you’ll embark on a one-hour hike to the Thrihnukagigur Volcano Crater (also known as the Three Peaks Crater) for an exciting exploration inside of the volcano with an expert geologist guide. Fun fact: you can fit a full-sized Statue of Liberty in the magma chamber below! After this unforgettable tour, hike back to your vehicle and continue on to Fridheimar Tomato Farm & Restaurant for lunch. Here, you’ll meet the founder of the farm and learn about his fascinating establishment as he welcomes you for a delicious lunch amidst a lush geothermal greenhouse.

After lunch, spend the afternoon continuing your exploration of the Golden Circle highlights. With the help of expert guides, you’ll traverse the mouth of the mighty Geysir and take in views of the wondrous Gulfoss Waterfall. While the Great Geysir has been in retirement for decades, its eruptions reached heights of at least eighty meters while active. The giant gorges and the powerful crashing water of Gulfoss Waterfall are truly humbling and awe-inspiring. On sunny days, you may be lucky enough to witness the thousands of rainbows refracting across the expanse: a natural reaction with the misty clouds spewing from the tumbling falls. At the culmination of Golden Circle tour, you’ll check into the homey Torfbaer Room of Torfhús Retreat, a relaxed, authentically Icelandic eco-luxury retreat. The dinner at Viking Langhus is sure to be fit for a warrior after your first full day of exploration.

3 Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland
Eyjafjallajökull Glacier

…hike around the glacier with a private guide, learning all about the glacier’s origins and history.

Rise and shine: today is another day of adventure, this time with an all-day tour of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier. And brace yourself, because you’ve got the behemoth known as the Glacier Monster Truck–a mammoth vehicle capable of taking you to volcanic sights that you couldn’t normally traverse by every-day four-wheel drive–as your mode of transportation. Climb into this massive truck for an hour-twenty-minute adventurous drive to the glacier. Upon arrival, you’ll have time to hike around the glacier with a private guide, learning all about the glacier’s origins and history.

Waiting for you at the top of this glacier is a chef-prepared barbecue picnic where you can sit back and take in the sights. Between the soaring heights and surrounding terrain formed out of the cooled lava from its last eruption in 2010, it’s a truly spectacular setting for lunch. After your sumptuous meal atop the glacier, you’ll travel back to your hotel and take the rest of the day at your own pace. Perhaps indulge in one of the hotel’s Basalt Stone Hot Pools before heading over to dine on Torfhús Retreat‘s authentically Icelandic dishes.

4 Thorsmörk, Iceland
Golden Circle to South Coast

Today, you’ll set out and embark to a brand new location: the South Coast. After checking out with breakfast in your belly, you’ll be taken on a riveting tour that includes Thorsmörk (Thor’s Valley), Seljalandfoss waterfall, and Nauthusagil canyon. Climb aboard modified super jeeps and drive around the Icelandic Highlands and traverse stunning landscapes, from barren deserts and cool glaciers to the colorful flora blanketing the valleys.  And in true Thor-like form, you can cap off your exploration of the land with a traditional barbecue Viking feast before venturing to your stay at Hotel Ranga, a retreat that places you at nature’s doorstep.

5 Westman Islands, Iceland
Sail to the Westman Islands

Enjoy the amazing natural scenery during this sightseeing adventure…

After breakfast, transfer thirty minutes to the harbor where you’ll board a private boat to the Westman Islands. Enjoy the amazing natural scenery during this sightseeing adventure, where marine birds like puffins, seagulls, kittiwake, and gannet pepper the skies and shorelines. Gaze upon Elephant Rock, a natural rock formation that resembles the head of a giant elephant that’s submerged half its trunk into the Atlantic waters. You’ll also be treated to unprecedented sights of the volcanic islands’ various hidden cave networks. And keep a sharp eye out on those waters: you may be lucky enough to spot a pack of orca or seal.

Upon anchoring down at the islands, lunch will be served at Slippurinn Restaurant, a family-run eatery evolved from a machine workshop that now features seasonal cuisine with regional ingredients. After dining on their refreshing dishes, continue your exploration alongside a volcanologist and discover the islands’ origins. This includes a private tour of Eldheimar, a museum dedicated to the eruption of 1973 that forced thousands of island residents to evacuate the island in the dead of night. Closeout your island excursion with a journey through an animal sanctuary where you’ll encounter Beluga whales and meet the on-site marine biologist to learn about their conservation efforts to preserve Iceland’s biodiversity.

6 Ólafsfjörður, Iceland
Troll Peninsula

Adventure waits for no one, so make sure to rise early and check out so you can make it to your transfer to the small village of Vík, not before stopping along the way to see the majestic Skogafoss waterfall. On arrival in Vík, switch over to those familiar super jeeps and drive inland towards Katla glacier. On arrival, take a short walk to reach the natural blue ice cave where an expert local guide will provide insights into how the cave was formed and how these glacier tongues are always morphing to fit the changing climates in Iceland.

After your tour, board your private helicopter and transfer to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach for a picturesque and unforgettable landing surrounded by icebergs, seals, and ice-diamonds scattered around the volcanic sand beach. After time to explore and wonder at the sights, your helicopter will take you on a flightseeing tour north to Deplar Farm, a remote stay in the valleys below towering mountain peaks. As one of the most sought after Eleven Experience lodge’s in the world, you’re sure to be in excellent hands here.

7-8 Troll Peninsula, Iceland
Hikes and Bikes across the Troll Peninsula

Every adventurer deserves a moment of reprieve, and your seventh morning on this expedition is your moment. Take advantage of Deplar Farm’s Viking Sauna, an unforgettable experience that combines breathing techniques and contrasting intense heat with ice-water plunges to reset your body’s equilibrium. After lunch, embark on a brief afternoon hike to a nearby waterfall in the lush Troll Peninsula. Absorb the wild yet lush landscape on all sides before returning to the hotel for the remainder of the day at leisure.

Day eight begins with a morning ride on an electric mountain bike to explore the various terrains of the Troll Peninsula. After you cruise through the network of mountain and valley trails, you can treat yourself to Deplar Farm’s Lake House for a lunch and dip in their hot tub. If you’re looking for a bit more action to cap off your day, the hotel has plenty of activities such as skeet shooting, fishing or kayaking.

9 Reykjavik, Iceland
Troll Peninsula to Reykjavik

We’re going full-circle on your second-to-last day in Iceland with a private helicopter back to Reykjavik after breakfast and check-out at Deplar Farm. En route, you may have the chance to view the Fagradalsfjall Volcano from your unique vantage point high in the air. Continue to your spa retreat at The Retreat Hotel Blue Lagoon where you’ll have plenty of time in the afternoon to take advantage of the luxurious wellness services provided at this unique property, especially a dip in the aquamarine geothermal waters that flow across the hotel grounds. Later this evening, join your group of voyagers for a farewell dinner at Moss restaurant. Indulge in a seven-course tasting menu with a wine pairing as you celebrate your final evening in Iceland and recount the wonderful adventures and memories made.

10 Keflavík, Iceland
The Journey Home

After a truly magical expedition, it’s time to head home. You’ll have time for some final pampering in the pastel blue waters before checking out and heading on a twenty-minute ride to the Keflavík International Airport. On your way, you can recount all your incredible journeys as you pass through familiar landscapes and depart on an airline home.

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