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Atlanta with Billy Roberts

When he’s not traveling, you’ll find Billy Roberts diggin’ on “the best-fried chicken” at JCT or reveling in old world mixology at The Lawrence.

And there’s always play-time at his favorite antique spot, Brick and Mortar or a laid back afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. So if you find yourself in the mood for some southern comfort with a side of chic – this insider’s Atlanta to-do list is a must!

Billy Roberts roots run deep in the south as an Atlanta, GA native. Currently he has his own award winning design company, Billy Roberts Design Inc. that allows him to design unique high end residential estates from Los Angeles to NYC.  Billy’s work has been published many times over in such magazines as Elle Décor, Good Housekeeping, and European Homes and Gardens.  Now, back living in his home town of Atlanta, Billy’s heart and focus is to leverage his 20 years of design experience to increase opportunities to underserved women and families around the world with the launching of Imagine Home, a company that is a collaborative effort between 3rd world artisans and 1st World designers. Serving as Director of Design and partnering with designer Staci Lantz, Billy has created a luxurious product line that honours the creative efforts and distinctive styles of international artisans while paying them a living wage to help their own communities. Imagine Home seeks to bring greater social awareness to the home décor industry without sacrificing allure. Through extensive travel to Africa, India, & Haiti, Billy has been able to forge genuine relationships with talented artisans on the ground in impoverished communities.

Follow @BillyRoberts on Twitter & Instagram.



“I love going to The Lawrence in midtown. They have old world mixologists who craft perfect drinks. It’s named after St Lawrence the patron saint of chefs and they have “Tuesday Relief” where they donate a portion of your check to local charities.” | 905 Juniper St NE, 30309 |


“The Four Seasons’ Park 75 or Bar Margot is a Mainstay for when my NYC and LA friends come to town. It has that classic Gentleman’s Club feel.” | 75 Fourteenth Street NE, 30309 |



“On the Westside you can find the best-fried chicken and a fun hip crowd on Friday nights with live music.” | 1198 Howell Mill Road, 30318 |, “Off the Beltline in Atlanta there are two new really fun spots you can get to on your bike…”


“A newly restored historic building that has stores and an amazing food court. You can also valet your bike here.” | 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, 30308 |


“…Or go grab a drink and people watch at Krog City Market” | 99 Krog St NE, 30307 |



“Playing is shopping and my favourite spot to go find antiquities is Brick & Mortar on the Westside curated by my friend David Kowalski who just has the eye for spectacular finds.” | 1170 Howell Mill Rd #106, 30318 |


“Where all the designers shop is now open to the public, I’m there at least once a week.  Some places I love there are R Hugh’s new elegant showroom And the Kolo Collection for everything outdoor!” | 351 Peachtree Hills Avenue NE, Suite 423, 30305 |


“I also go and see what my friend and world famous designer Kay Douglas has found at her store weather it be large-scale lighting, antiques or my favorite upholstery from Belgium – All down.  Other than that you can find me at Piedmont Park with my friends or on my rooftop overlooking the city…” | 345 Peachtree Hills Avenue, Suite 100, 30305 |



“I see my trainer Jeffrey Boudreaux 2/3 X a week. They have the best CrossFit classes in Atlanta, It is intense but no one has ever been injured because Jeff makes sure everyone has perfect form.” | 240 Ponce de Leon Ave, suite 2, 30308 |


“My mom got me involved with the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Their orchid house is a must to see, smells like honey and has thousands of rare orchids in vibrant colors from around the world.” | 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, 30309 |

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