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Melbourne with Blue Stone Lane

Contributed By Taylor Methfessel

Alex and Nick Stone, owners of Blue Stone Lane and Aussie natives take us to their favorite spots all over Melbourne, these Aussie insiders have you covered!

Nick James Stone is a native of Melbourne Australia who moved to New York City in 2010.  He envisioned Bluestone Lane whilst attending Business School in New York, with the idea of providing a premium coffee experience that can be readily found in Melbourne Australia (but not readily in New York).

Alex Kate Knight is a full time, international Aussie model and founder of AlexKateKnight, a site dedicated to travel and well-being. She is currently living in the Big Apple and traveling the globe. She’s completed a degree in Biomedical Science, a Certificate in Holistic Health Nutrition and is an official Pilates queen with a Teacher Certification in NYC. Alex has a real globe trotters view on health, fashion, fitness and lifestyle.

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If a place is reliably fun each time, it simply must be in your top list, and hence why Cookie in the CBD would be our choice for sipping cocktails. Colorful! Centrally located and always full of spirit. Mixology here is one of the finest Melbourne has to offer, coupling this with ‘not your average’ bar snacks Cookie is a place to visit while touring Melbourne.

Sip Lattes

Stunning clean-eating cafes are on every corner, so it’s easy to find a terrific latte. The ambiance of the venues are all unique, so our recommendations would be Top Paddock,  Serotonin DealerBarry’s and finally The Kettle Black. Realistically you could simply spend days and days cafe hopping, enjoy a latte at each stop!!”


Green with Envy is a boutique retails both International and Australian designs. Contemporary looking, it is attractive for the modern city-seeking styler.

If you are wishing a more Boho, wanderlust-looking outfit, Husk would be your choice, and of course if you need a break between the change room and shopping you can get a tea in the delightful Moroccan inspired Husk cafes.


Uncle is situated close to home in an unassuming up and coming part of town, Carlise St., St Kilda. The decor is vibrant, bright and fresh like the culture of Asian fusion should be. It offers delights for those clean eating folk, and those that want a little more indulgence. Ask for a table in the lower courtyard area, it is unique in design. Also a tip, allow the qualified creative mixologist craft your cocktail, it is unlikely you will be disappointed.


We love The Tan. It’s not really play, however running/walking the botanical garden track known as ‘the Tan’ is a favorite past time for Melbournians. It is scenic with views of the Yarra River, yet tranquil as you meander your way around the circumference of the CBD.

Yarra River Dragons is fun dragon boat racing along the Yarra, it’s different but exhilarating. Embracing our strong Asian culture, summer evenings involve teams racing one another up and down the picturesque river that divides the city of Melbourne.


Cookie | 252 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia | +61 (3) 9663 7660


Green With Envy | 517 Chapel St, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia | +61 (1800) 674 047
Husk | 176 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia | +61 (487) 709 303


Uncle | Level 1, 15 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia | +61 (3) 9654 0829


Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne (“The Tan”) | Birdwood Ave, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia | +61 (3) 9252 2300
Yarra River Dragons| Community Hub at the dock, Australia | +61 (499) 144 188

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