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J. Mak Hospitality

J.Mak Hospitality is a brand that emphasizes the importance of relationships, social media, constant activity, and most importantly success.

 J.Mak helps clients find their individual flair, relax, feel confident and stand out from the herd. clients learn to trust their instinct and create their mark. We sat down with Jon Makmaltchi the Founder of J.Mak Hospitality, discussing the future of hospitality, the importance of relationships and the significance of being a social-media active brand.

J.MAK Hospitality’s brand is where Hospitality meets Personality, how did you come up with this concept?

Honestly, at my neighbors kitchen table up in Rhinecliff. I have always loved the word Hospitality as it is about making people feel good. Although there are many great hotels, not all of them have great personalities behind them and this is when the combination of Hospitality. Personality was born!

We see J.MAK promoting its brand constantly on Facebook and Instagram, two easy tools Smarties are also a fan of, how have you seen your brand, and your partners grow from this?

Times have changed, it’s not all about bagels and agency visits any more, as you know Mr. 2A will agree. Just like television, everyone has a different channel, sports, food, alcohol, reality, pets, kids, news, porn, etc! By keeping things current and interesting it draws attention, much like PR, social media has a hook!

Where do you see the future of the J.MAK Hospitality brand heading?

Wow, good question, for sale and retirement? Truthfully J.MAK is an organic brand that has never chased its partners, all have come by referral or general interest in our brand. The future is bright but always unclear, if we continue to do what we do well J.MAK will thrive. If our message isn’t relevant any longer the brand will fizzle out and that won’t happen on my watch.

Who is the ideal J.MAK Hospitality client?

Another great question, we have layers of clients, SmartFlyer (travel consultants), Hoteliers, Partners, Consumers, Editors, and Bloggers, everyone is a J.MAK Hospitality client, which is what Hospitality is all about. We believe it’s not just about a great hotel room, there is more to it, some can afford the $10,000 a night suite and others have to save a lifetime for the dream vacation, everyone deserves to be a J.MAK HOSPITALITY client! Of course Mr. 2A and his team are at the top of our list though!

There’s an adorable J.MAK baby now! How’s fusing J.MAK life and D.MAK life (Daddy Mak) going?

And I thought the Smarties were a handful! Mr. Cannen knows how to change all our fuses! MAK.DADDY couldn’t be happier with the great addition to the J.MAK family, he even has his own email but he may not be as fast as his Dad or the SmartFlyers yet! He hasn’t changed a thing, he’s only enhanced our lives and our business, and hopefully will be running the brand soon so poor ole J.MAK can retire!

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