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4 Nights Iceland Adventure

Despite it’s cold, cold reputation, Iceland has quickly become one of the hottest destinations requested by our travelers.  So, we took this as a chance to scope out this glacial escape and find all the reasons why our adventure junkies are packing up and heading North. No surprise that what we found was a substantial amount of Mother Nature at her finest with bubbling hot springs, incredible glaciers, black sand beaches and so much more.

Trip Notes:

Trip Highlights:

  1. Snorkeling tour through Silfra Hall, Silfra Cathedral & Silfra Lagoon
  2. Snowmobiling on the second largest glacier in Iceland
  3. Seeing Iceland’s natural black sand beach
  4. Chasing the infamous Northern Lights
  5. Taking a dip in Iceland’s iconic hot springs known as, Blue Lagoon

4 Night, 5 Day Itinerary:

Day 1: Reykjavik City Tour

Morning: Upon your arrival to Iceland your English-speaking driver-guide will welcome you at Keflavik airport. He’ll take you to your first hotel, Hveragerdi (Eco Lodge) where you’ll be in a private villa. Freshen up and enjoy breakfast; you have an exciting first day ahead of you.

Afternoon: A good start to your Iceland experience will be a city sightseeing tour of Reykjavik– you will get introduced to Reykjavik’s past and present. During this tour Reykjavik’s main attractions are highlighted on foot and by bus. The main landmarks, such as The Pearl, Hallgrímskirkja church, the National Museum of Iceland, the harbor and the famous 101 Reykjavik neighborhood are visited.

After lunch you’ll transfer to the buggy station outside Reykjavik for an adrenaline filled buggy safari through rough terrain (driving license required).

Evening: Take the evening to relax by the fireplace and enjoy the privacy of your villa.

Day 2: Thingvellir National Park & Snorkeling at Silfra

Morning: This morning you’ll pack up and head to the countryside of Thingvellir, the site of the original Althing, the actual founding place of the oldest democratic parliament in the world. This area is noted for its spectacular lava formations and being the only place in the world where you can actually see the tectonic plates drift apart. Today Thingvellir is a national park and by many, considered the most important one where the protected area will always be the property of the Icelandic nation.

Afternoon: Upon arrival at Silfra, your guide will give you your dry suit and snorkeling equipment. Your guide will explain how to use this equipment and how to ensure that you will be warm and comfortable during your 30 to 40 minute snorkeling tour of Silfra Hall, Silfra Cathedral, and Silfra Lagoon.

During your snorkel you will explore the four main parts of Silfra. You will float through Big Crack, Silfra’s narrowest section and where the continental plates are so close you can almost touch them.
The fissure then widens into Silfra Hall. Here, the full spectrum of Silfra’s colors and clarity become all the more apparent. At this point if you look at just the right angle you can see all the way to Thingvallavatn, over 150m away. Near to the opening to Thingvallavatn you’ll enter the Silfra Cathedral; as the depth reaches 23m you feel like you are flying over the boulders and glacial silt. Your snorkel is finished in the endless visibility of Silfra Lagoon.

Evening: Take the night to cozy up and relax.

Day 3: Golden Circle – Geysir and Gulfoss waterfall & Snowmobiling

Morning: Today you’ll take off after breakfast and head towards the interior, second largest glacier in Iceland – Langjokull. Depending on weather, you’ll get your adrenaline fill by snowmobiling on the glacier (driving license is required).

Afternoon: After snowmobiling you’ll go to one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe, Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall).  Here you will see thousands of tons of icy water thunder majestically down in a double-fall into a deep gorge from the glacier Langjokull.

Finally you proceed to Geyser, the “geyser” which gave its name to all other erupting hot springs. You’ll see one of the most active geysers in the area, Strokkur, spouting up to 90 feet into the air.

Evening: No trip to Iceland is complete without a chance to chase the infamous Northern Lights. Your guide will take you out tonight for your chance to hunt this mystical experience. Don’t forget your camera folks, if you catch this rare sighting it will be a moment to capture for a lifetime.

Day 4: South Coast along with Solheimajokull glacier walk, Black Lava Beach

Morning: Today you’ll explore the south shore and you will drive along the south shore to Reynisfjara waterfalls (one of which you can walk behind) where you’ll get to explore black sandy beaches, mountains and strange lava formations along the way.  Solheimajokull glacier tongue extends down from its mother glacier, Myrdalsjokull, Iceland’s fourth largest.

The Myrdalsjokull (1480m) is the fourth largest glacier with an area of about 590 km². It rests on a very volcanically active massif mountain, which erupted very powerfully in 1918. Quite a few glacier snouts flow down onto the lower lying areas and discharge a great volume of water.

Afternoon: On the way back, enjoy a nice drive down to the black sandy lava beach Reynisfjara. But the day isn’t over yet! After you’ve spent enough time on the beach, experience Glacier walking on Solheimajokull glacier, all gear provided.

Evening: Tonight’s your last night in Iceland, relax and enjoy at your leisure.

Day 5: Departure to Keflavik Airport with a stop at the Blue Lagoon

We have one last activity before you officially depart from your icy adventure.

Drive from the villa through Reykjanes peninsula – explore geothermal activities and amazing landscapes like lake Kleifarvatn, Seltun (where you’ll see bubbling hot springs).

Your last, but surely not least treat is Iceland’s most popular attraction, the Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon is a natural geothermal spa surrounded by a lava field and black sandy beaches.   Have “the swim of your life” enjoying the comfort of the warm lagoon water.

After lunch at the Lava restaurant in Blue Lagoon it’s time to head home.

image credits

Leila Brewster Photography

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