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Industry Intel
Industry Intel

21 Hottest Hotel Openings Happening in 2021

Amongst the many positive trends we’re seeing evolve within the hospitality space in recent months, the promise of dozens of...

Industry Intel

Luxury Safari: The Greater Impact of Your Tourism Dollars

At the close of each year, we aim to reflect back on where we’ve been while looking forward to where...

Industry Intel

A Fresh Take on Mexico with One&Only Resorts

As America’s southern neighbor, Mexico vacation spots have long been destination go-tos for SmartFlyer clients, whether it be a sun-soaked...

Industry Intel

Empowered Women Empower Women

Whether it’s International Women’s Day, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day or another other in between, we’re all about turning to one another...

Industry Intel

Work from Hotel: A Case for a New Kind of WFH

We’re adapting the ‘h’ in WFH to an environment much sleeker–and certainly with far fewer distractions–than home; say hello to...

Industry Intel

8 Quick Romantic Getaways

We’ve all had that moment where we look at the calendar and our hearts sink; especially following a summer unlike...

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