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Industry Intel

Leave Your Passport At Home, We're Going to San Juan

A quick glance at a map of the Caribbean and sun-seeking travelers are left overwhelmed by dozens of options. And...

Industry Intel

Virtuoso Travel Week:
Best of the Best 2018

At this year’s 30th annual Virtuoso Travel Week, the SmartFlyer team gathered to support our hotel partners at the “Best...

Industry Intel

Virtuoso Week: What Your Travel Agent Was Really up to in Vegas

With an average high of 102 degrees in August, most people aren’t flocking to Sin City at the height of...

Industry Intel

SmartFlyer C.O.R.E.

This year we had our first annual meeting of the minds known as, SmartFlyer C.O.R.E. With a never-ending thirst for knowledge...

Industry Intel

The Peninsula Beverly Hills' Managing Director, Offer Nissenbaum

His affinity for raising the bar, excellent seafood and the early calm of The Belvedere’s Terrace make for a very...

Industry Intel

Katherine Gass: Art Curator, The Beekman

The history, the architecture, the art, oh my. Katherine Gass, art curator at The Beekman weighs in on Jane Hammond’s...

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