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Around the World by Private Jet in 24 Days

If you’ve ever dreamt of traveling around the world by private jet (in other words, #smartflyertakemeto: everywhere!), we’ve found the...

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Sojourn to South Africa

Safari is often touted as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience, but the seasoned adventurer knows that the moment you set foot onto...

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Alaskan Wilderness by Private Plane

Explore the wondrous nature and raw beauty of the northern wilderness as you explore four must-see destinations in 10 days...

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Trekking with the Gorillas of Rwanda

Rwanda is a country famous for its gorillas, but its history makes it the epitome of a country that found...

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The Ultimate New England Roadtrip

Pack up your favorite boat shoes and grab your L.L. Bean weekender, because nothing spells out “Coastal New England Summer”...

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The Land of Milk + Honey

Israel is a hot topic. This tiny nation has been making news headlines for years as a country steeped with...

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