Your Inside Guide to Punta Mita

Being considered one of the best hotels in Punta de Mita is no small feat.

To meet the challenge, it takes a setting that capitalizes on sweeping views of the sea and top-notch service that the country is known to provide. Nestled in the Riviera Nayarit’s seemingly endless beaches and untouched nature, Conrad Punta de Mita does just that.

The close partnership between our SmartFlyer team and Conrad Punta de Mita is sure to make your trip to this vibrant tapestry of wild jungles and storied villages nothing short of spectacular. Located along the southern coastline of Mexico, the resort provides guests with a chic home within Punta de Mita’s vibrant landscape.

When is the Best Time to go to Punta de Mita?

Punta de Mita is a year-round alternative to the more well-known region of Los Cabos. With temperatures averaging around the mid-to-high 80s throughout the year, you are sure to get stellar weather all year. The region is especially rich in ecological excursions; around the holiday season through March, nature enthusiasts often flock to the region to witness the humpback whale migration. Looking to get in on the action? Our SmartFlyer team can easily coordinate a private whale watch for any group size.

How to get to Punta de Mita

Pristine white sand beaches dotted with colorful flora and townships surround this peninsula…

To answer the commonly-asked question “where is Punta de Mita?”, we’ll begin with some context. Punta de Mita is located on the southern tip of the Riviera Nayarit. Pristine white sand beaches dotted with colorful flora and townships surround this peninsula on all three sides. After landing at Puerto Vallarta International Airport, your dedicated Conrad representative will greet you before driving you forty minutes south to Punta de Mita via your own private SUV.

Arriving in Conrad Punta de Mita begins by entering through a secure, exclusive gated entrance. Surrounded by rainforest and undisturbed nature, the resort provides unfettered access to adventure and R&R. Much of the region retains its beginnings as a haven for artisans, merchants, and fishermen; several of Mexico’s prized “Pueblos Magicos” (historic towns) filled with winding cobblestoned streets and prized surf beaches are just a short drive from the property. These small fishing villages are also replete with elevated restaurants if you’re ever craving an off-property dining experience.

What makes Conrad Punta de Mita one of the best hotels in the region?

…welcoming curious travelers to an environment that melts into Riviera Nayarit’s quiet sophistication.

Conrad – a part of the Hilton family of brands – dedicates itself to providing hyper-personalized experiences, intuitive service, and contemporary design. Conrad Punta de Mita builds on this by welcoming curious travelers to an environment that melts into Riviera Nayarit’s quiet sophistication. From barefoot luxury at their beach bars to outdoor spa “nests” for massage and immersive cultural experiences, this is a unique approach to the conventional Mexico getaway.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why Conrad is one of the best hotels in Punta de Mita is its fifty-nine suites. Any couple seeking extra privacy will love a stay in one of the sprawling beachfront casita suites. The accommodations provide guests full access to private plunge pools, as well as immediate beach access and amenities like floating breakfasts on the water. Their residence accommodations take that privacy to the next level, complete with full kitchens and up to three bedrooms. Guests can also enjoy panoramic balconies that open up to views of the ocean. The residence accommodations are perfect for multigenerational families and friend groups that need the extra legroom.

Punta Mita Restaurants For All

…the hotel’s dishes satisfy every kind of taste palette.

Within its gated community, Conrad Punta de Mita serves up a diverse range of on-property culinary experiences. With four restaurants and four lounges and bars, the hotel’s dishes satisfy every kind of taste palette. Guests can choose a new experience every day, from casual fare poolside to private dining amid the mangroves or beach.

Each restaurant’s menu is inspired by local ingredients and the surrounding seas, accompanied by local agave spirits and artisanal cocktails. Need help choosing where next to dine on your trip? Then check out this brief breakdown of our favorite restaurants at one of the best hotels in Punta Mita.

What are some must-try Punta de Mita activities?

Another reason why Conrad is one of the best hotels in Punta de Mita is its menu of culturally-enriching experiences, all bookable through your SmartFlyer travel advisor. One of our team’s favorites is The Agave Studio on property. Here, guests are treated to a sampling of some of the 200-plus bottles of local agave spirits lining the studio shelves. Your designated agave expert will also lead you through the history, regions, and flavor profiles of unique spirits like Mezcal, Raicilla, Tequila, and Sotol. Guests can also choose to pair these tastings with small bites or a five-course dinner.

Similarly, Conrad Punta de Mita’s Zarandeando Beach Barbecue immerses guests in Nayarit’s rich seafood cuisine. This dreamy private beach party starts with a warm welcome from Executive Chef Pedro Arceyut and fishermen from the village of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Afterwards, the chef treats guests to a truly special sea-to-table dining experience. Fresh catches like the Zarandeado fish are traditionally prepped, marinated, and then grilled over mesquite wood. We recommend dining at this unique restaurant to anyone with a hankering for an elevated grilling experience.

What are the best family activities in Punta de Mita?

Conrad Punta de Mita is one of the best hotels in the region for families. The family pool is equipped with a splash pad and slide; it’s also situated right by the Kid’s Camp’s crafts area where young ones can learn about the local art. Huichol art fills the resort’s private collection, and Conrad weaves this distinct art style’s storytelling into the daily children’s programming. The game room next to the Kid’s Camp is also a hit with teens, fitted with foosball, billiards, table tennis, and shuffleboard.

Creative Wellness Experiences

While the littles are off at the Kid’s Camp, parents can take advantage of Conrad Punta de Mita’s wellness experiences. Spa Conrad infuses ancient Huichol spiritual and healing practices with modern treatments and products. We also highly recommend incorporating the spa’s Temazcal experience into your trip. Located in the “house of heat,” a local shaman leads guests through a ceremony prioritizing herbal steam and song. Approximately ninety minutes long, this unique wellness experience wraps guests in Mexico’s rich connection to spirituality.

Smartie Picks for Off-Property Punta de Mita Activities

While Conrad Punta de Mita offers plenty to do within its secluded grounds, our team knows the importance of off-property excursions for true immersion. From bird sanctuaries to guided ATV jungle treks, the resort provides private transfers and tours of all of the peninsula’s natural wonders. The hotel also provides classic ziplining experiences amid the treetops, as well as guided horseback rides across the picturesque shoreline. Additionally, the Higuera Golf Club offers an eighteen-hole par 72 Greg Norman-designed course just steps from the property.

The Riviera Nayarit is also known to be a hidden gem amongst the surf community. If you’re out to catch your next best wave, then take a guided tour of the La Lancha and Sayulita villages. On top of their beaches, these traditional fishing villages are also known for their local cuisine and shopping scene. Elect to ride the waves or dive under to discover the vibrant reefs below the water’s surface.

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