Unparalleled Priva[sea]: How to Make a Private Villa Rental Your Next St Barths Stay

Privacy is always a top priority for our SmartFlyer advisors and clients alike; which makes an Eden Rock villa rental one of our top recommendations for guests seeking a secluded getaway.

The storied Eden Rock has long been the preferred hideaway for an elite and glamorous clientele. Embodying the ultimate in island elegance, Oetker Collection’s Eden Rock – St Barths accommodations offer a stylish and welcoming seaside retreat. Working with your SmartFlyer travel advisor to secure access to Eden Rock’s portfolio of 150 private villas located around the island grants you access to the best of both worlds; enjoy the peace and quiet of a private home with privileged access to the hotel’s five-star services.

Before we explore these stunning establishments, let’s take a brief tour of what this white-sand paradise has to offer.

Where is St. Barths?

French influence permeates throughout the island of St. Barths and manifests in an air of relaxed glamour. This French-speaking Caribbean island sits just minutes away from its neighbor St. Martin and is accessible by a quick Tradewinds flight. The settlers, pirates, and adventurers from various European countries like Sweden and England all influenced the island’s colorful past. At the very heart of the island, St. Jean invites guests to stroll to the shops, boutiques, bars, and restaurants situated in the village nearby.

What should I expect from Oetker Collection and Eden Rock – St Barths?

Every accommodation creates a one-of-a-kind experience…

Eden Rock – St Barths is one of Oetker Collection’s masterpiece hotels. This idyllic property sits atop a rocky promontory surrounded by remote beaches and reefs teeming with vibrant wild sea life. Each of Eden Rock’s accommodations – including their esteemed villa rentals – feature artful interiors, beautiful sea views, and private beach access. Every accommodation creates a one-of-a-kind experience ranging from private quarters nestled among lush fragrant gardens to a yacht-inspired cabin perched at the very top of the rock.

The possibilities at Eden Rock are endless. The property delivers a whole new well-being experience. With Eden Spa, Eden Wellness, and Eden Fitness, every moment is an opportunity to feel and look your best. Let Eden Rock – St Barths treat you to massages by Ligne St Barth. Give your skin the ultimate glow with HydraFacial patented technology and tighten your skin with Exilis Ultra 360.

And while your SmartFlyer travel advisor can of course arrange for a private chef to cook inside your Eden Rock villa rental, a trip to St Barths isn’t complete without dining off property. We’ve tried everything, so don’t hesitate to ask for our tailored recommendations. Or, if you’d like to dine at Eden Rock for ultimate convenience, both the gleaming Sand Bar and British-colonial Rémy Bar are masterminded by world-famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Sounds like a dream! Tell me more about Eden Rock Villa Rentals.

Eden Rock Villa Rental offers a range of services delivered by the team at Eden Rock – St Barths. This gives you villa holiday privacy but with the pleasures of five-star hotel service, from concierge to beach butlers. Round-the-clock concierge access and daily breakfast delivered every morning are only the beginning. A dedicated butler and private chef make for an intimate experience that allows maximum relaxation from the moment you arrive. Guests also have access to many inclusive services. Enjoy fresh breakfasts delivered daily, as well as a range of a la carte services like private parties or yachts.

We touched base with Smartie fave, General Manager Fabrice Moizan to take a closer look at what makes Eden Rock – St. Barths’s villa rentals the ideal French Caribbean stay.

SmartFlyer: Eden Rock – St Barths has gone through a stunning transformation and revival these past few years. How have these enhancements influenced the property remodeling and design process?

Fabrice Moizan: We saw an opportunity to do more than just repair. Rather, this is to make Eden Rock stronger and in particular capable of recovering its shape faster following future storms. And at the same time, we want to do projects that we had always envisioned. We followed our motto “so much more than just a hotel” to help us work efficiently in a limited amount of time to become more attractive to guests than ever before. Our vision has been realized for Eden Rock.

SF: There’s a lot of buzz around your new Eden Rock villa rentals. What are some brand new highlights that you can’t wait for guests to experience?

“So much more than just a hotel.”

FM: Firstly, our own buildings, restos, and bars are continually remade, improved, and refined year after year, every year. In addition, we established even more Eden Rock villas for rent around the island and on the beaches, each one more luxurious than the last. And from now onwards, the RĂ©my Salon and Sand Bar welcome you daily with all the new recipes of our Master Chef, Jean Georges. At the Bar, lots of surprises await you, beginning with our terrific team wielding ER cocktail shakers!

And to take superb physical care of yourself, discover our island’s unique Medical Spa with Dr. Havet, plus the new range of Dr. Barbara Sturm treatments and the well-equipped gym. And in the Eden Being boutique, we’ve unveiled new collaborations with Chopard, Hublot, Patbo, Diptyque, and Alexandra Llewellyn, specifically created for Eden Rock – St Barths. And finally, we are making plans for magnificent events in the winter season, such as the fabulous New Year’s Eve party with our famous fireworks.

SF: Why might a guest choose to rent out one of the villas versus spending their stay in a suite accommodation?

FM: Guests have the exclusive opportunity to have their breakfast delivered every morning in their private villa. Our butlers will be glad to make this happen at the time you wish to start your day on a delightful note. Your dedicated Concierge is available around the clock to take care of any bookings of activities wherever and whenever you want. Discover the islands’ best spots and restaurants thanks to the recommendations of our team. On top of everything, every villa has Eden Rock Beauty Pouch with Ligne St Barth Bathroom products.

SF: If you could spend a week living in one of the villas, which one would it be and why?

FM: I would spend a week in Villa Ohana, a brand new luxurious property located on the heights of St. Jean with a view on Eden Rock – St Barths and the entire bay. The stunning main house is composed of five bedrooms and the cozy guest house adds four more bedrooms. The refined decoration made of natural tones and materials is embellished with exclusive pieces.

SF: What does your ideal day at Eden Rock – St Barths look like?

FM: An ideal day at Eden Rock – St Barths would start with waking up in a heavenly room offering a sea view. A morning yoga class at the edge of the ocean is the ideal way to tune in. A 5-star breakfast at the Sand Bar in the company of other friendly guests with a sparkling glass of crisply chilled champagne and chats here and there. Pursuing the theme of harmony with a lunch at the Sand Bar on the beach is a wonderful treat with tasty, healthy options. Next on the program is a shopping spree in Gustavia, exploring its world-class brands in designer boutiques with their irresistible clothes, beachwear, watches, and jewelry.

An afternoon walk to the natural pools of Petit-Cul-de-Sac beach that feel like a secret rendezvous would follow. Then, I’d enjoy a specially packed Eden Rock picnic basket on the nearby Gouverneur beach with its soft white coral sand and shimmering water and admire a fiery sunset from a viewpoint in Gustavia with the promise of a romantic, star-studded sky. Back at the hotel, wearing the latest acquisition and feeling like just another star, I’d join the crowd at the Rémy Bar for amazing cocktails and then partying in Gustavia for an awesome night of magic and fun.

Ready for your Rock Star stay at Eden Rock? Contact your SmartFlyer travel advisor.

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