The Peninsula Beverly Hills' Managing Director, Offer Nissenbaum

His affinity for raising the bar, excellent seafood and the early calm of The Belvedere’s Terrace make for a very happy Managing Director at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. Known for its various accolades and, recently voted as one of the best hotels in Los Angeles, it’s no wonder celebrities, high-profilers and the like continuously flock to The Peninsula Beverly Hills. We chat with Offer Nissenbaum, Managing Director of The Peninsula Beverly Hills, to find out what sets this Southern California hotel apart from the rest.

Q: It’s a Monday and you haven’t had your coffee yet. What room or area in the hotel do you take asylum?

A: Usually I have already had coffee when I arrive in the morning, but if I can make the time, my favorite place in the hotel is The Terrace at The Belvedere. We’re fortunate in Beverly Hills to have comfortable temperatures and sunshine year-round. I love nothing more than taking a moment to enjoy the peace and quiet before the busy day begins.

Q: What attracts celebrities and important figures to The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel?

A: Service – and that comes from our people. Our enviable return guest rate comes down to our extraordinary team. They are the heart and soul of the property and the reason that our guests keep coming back again and again.

Q: With a guest return rate of seventy percent, how does the hotel staff ensure each returning guest feels appreciated?

A: We meet every guest upon arrival and personally escort them to their accommodations. This allows us to spend time with them aside from the check-in process, an opportunity to make the arrival experience engaging versus functional. It’s a short walk, but the little things that come up in conversation help us customize their stay. It can be something as simple as remembering their favorite coffee from Starbucks and having it ready for them the next morning – a small gesture can go a long way!

Q: Name three PenCities guides one must experience while in Beverly Hills.

A: A visit to The Broad museum, hiking Runyon Canyon and a drive up to Malibu.

Q: A friend is enjoying a staycation at The Peninsula Beverly Hills, which room and services will you recommend?

A: For a true staycation experience, it would have to be a Villa Suite with Jacuzzi. When you’re tucked away in one of our private villas, surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery, you really feel like you’re getting away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Plus, who wouldn’t want a private jacuzzi connected to their room?

I would also advise them to take advantage of our ‘Peninsula Time’ flexible check-in and check-out to spend a few more hours at the hotel – it’s completely complimentary! After an afternoon at our Spa, I would relax with a cocktail next to the relaxing fire pit on The Terrace at The Belvedere.

Q: Name and explain a song that reflects a normal work day.

A: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. We’re a busy property but we love what we do. Our associates are genuinely happy and committed to making our guests happy, and when our guests are happy, we’re happy in turn… it’s a cycle that has no start nor finish.

Q: Name an item you’re never caught traveling without.

A:  A great book!

Q: You’re in need of a relaxing getaway, where will you be vacationing, and why?

A: Every year my wife and I visit the Mediterranean with our friends for a relaxing boat trip. I love the beautiful water, the weather and the food – fresh seafood for days! And it’s great to have a reprieve from making decisions.

Q: Name your all-time favorite Mediterranean dish at The Belvedere.

A: I do have an affinity for fish and love all our seafood dishes on the menu, so it’s difficult to choose. When we re-opened The Belvedere we made a very deliberate decision to procure only the very best sustainably sourced, local seafood. If I were pressed to pick something–probably our house-smoked salmon—it’s so popular it is featured in a variety of dishes.

Q: Explain how your career at The Peninsula Beverly Hills inspires you in your day-to-day life.

A: Working in an environment where we must continually elevate our standards, creates a constant internal driver to do the same on a personal basis. The more I push myself professionally, the more I recognize I must do the same outside of work. At the same time, I appreciate that the blessings of my career are fueled by my family, and my family appreciates the blessings they have because of my career.

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