Parisian Penthouse? We Know A Place.

The City of Light is beloved amongst SmartFlyer agents and clients alike. Fortunately, the hotel scene in Paris just keeps heating up; with the recently opened Bvlgari Hotel Paris, our friends at Bvlgari are prepared to impress with Paris’s newest penthouse.

The Bvlgari Hotel Paris offers a breath of fresh air with its Italian informal-yet-impeccable service blended with classic French glamour. Nested in the heart of the Golden Triangle on famed avenue George V, this hotel’s unique Paris penthouse offers guests unparalleled privacy and exclusivity. Bvlgari’s timeless elegance and world-renowned design from architects Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel should put this penthouse at the top of your list.

Now, let’s dive into some FAQs around what makes Bvlgari a top pick for your next penthouse stay.

How did Bvlgari’s Italian roots influence the design process for the Bvlgari Penthouse?

If you want to fully understand the design process behind this Paris penthouse, then begin with the story of Bvlgari’s distinguished history. This globally-lauded brand’s impact dates all the way back to 1884 Rome. The talented Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari quickly established a reputation for Italian excellence with exquisite craftsmanship and magnificent jewelry creations. Bvlgari is also credited for pushing the boundaries of aesthetics; from their eclectic chromatics of the 1950s to their cutting-edge modular jewels that have defined the brand since the 1980s. Currently, Bvlgari is establishing itself as a collection of hotels and resorts that follow their Art of High Jewelry: unique works of art blending Rome with the hotel’s locale.

What sets Bvlgari’s offering apart from other penthouse-style accommodations across Paris?

The Bvlgari Penthouse is a perfect example of how the esteemed jeweler lets their philosophy guide their property design process. The Bvlgari Penthouse overlooks Paris from the hotel’s top two floors and provides panoramic views of the nearby Eiffel Tower. What sets this loft apart from other offerings across the city is its impressive size while it still manages to feel like a cozy residential setting.

At sunrise, step out onto the 600 square-meter terrace and stroll through the private sky-garden. After a morning sunbathing, wash up in the spacious Breccia Medicea marble bathroom, complete with a large hammam. And don’t worry about stepping out for food: the private kitchen here can be utilized by a private chef to serve up French favorites while you dine under the penthouse’s brilliant chandelier. For a nightcap, indulge in a drink at the private bar, nestled amongst the sky-garden’s lush vegetation.

What makes Bvlgari Hotel Paris’s penthouse the ideal stay for couples? For families?

What sets this loft apart from other offerings across the city is its impressive size while it still manages to feel like a cozy residential setting.

The Bvlgari Penthouse is a flexible space that accommodates guests with various needs. Looking for the perfect Parisian honeymoon? The penthouse offers incredible privacy and service to ensure you and your partner have a dreamy escape. For multigenerational groups, the nearly 10,000 square feet of space between two floors leaves plenty of room for both play and pampering.

If you’re craving something outside your private Paris penthouse kitchen, then take your personal elevator down to Il Ristorante Niko Romito. Niko Romito’s Michelin-star cuisine fully embodies authentic “Made in Italy” and is perfect for both romantic nights out and family-style feasts right on property. “It is often said of my cooking that it’s simple,” the chef elaborates. “This is very true, in the sense that it lacks complication, yet there is a considerable complexity. Complexity in cooking can be beneficial, complication never.”

Why might clients looking for the best spa in Paris choose Bvlgari Hotel Paris?

While the hotel’s Paris penthouse offers plenty of room for proper R+R, nothing quite beats a trip to the spa. In a nod to Bvlgari’s Roman roots, the lavish two-story spa offers guests a variety of wellness experiences for all. Nine Vicenza stone treatment rooms each come with their own shower, setting the scene for innovative rituals using the latest products and techniques. There’s also the 200+ square foot Spa Suite for couples, featuring a double bed, private jacuzzi, and green onyx hammam.

And if you’re looking to revamp your workout routine, Lee Mullins leads Workshop, the hotel’s fitness area outfitted with the latest Technogym equipment and a wide variety of customizable private sessions. The hotel also invites leading health figures to lead exclusive rotating sports and beauty experiences in their “trend room”. Taking a dip in their near Olympic-sized swimming pool and vitality pool – inspired by the Caracalla Roman baths – is our personal favorite way to cool down.

What’s the scene like at Bvlgari Hotel Paris?

Bvlgari’s strong partnerships with the best DJs and the trendiest nightclubs in town make this hotel an electric weekend hotspot.

Look no further than just downstairs from your two-story Paris penthouse! The Bvlgari Bar and Lounge is quickly becoming one of the Triangle D’or’s top choices to celebrate into the night. Bvlgari’s strong partnerships with the best DJs and the trendiest nightclubs in town make this hotel an electric weekend hotspot. The stylish lounge and vibrant bar combine modern Paris’s distinctive sound signature with the latest Italian hip trends. This lively chic lounge also serves up Il Aperitivo, the generous Bvlgari happy hour. It also offers a wide range of Italian dishes in shareable portions, elevating the communal dining experience altogether.

We’d be remiss not to also highlight the famous “Bomba” from Niko Romito. This renowned Italian street food favorite originates from family cooking traditions between father and son. Thanks to years of research into kneading, frying, fermentation, and leavening techniques, Chef Romito created two versions. If you’ve got a strong sweet tooth, then try the traditional version filled with fresh custard, chocolate cream, or jam; on the other hand, the original savory version features a wide range of gourmet fillings tested in the original Reale, giving a new twist on a beloved classic.

Has this Paris penthouse piqued your interest? Contact your SmartFlyer travel advisor and get planning.

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