Why a $320k Around-the-World Private Jet isn't (That) Crazy

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From the moment you step on-board, it’s clear that Abercrombie & Kent’s Private Jet is no ordinary aircraft. For that matter, it’s no ordinary private jet either.

If you’re like us, you are always in search of the next best, greatest, epic thing in travel, needless to say when Abercrombie & Kent launched their private jet experiences a few years ago, we were paying attention. A few years and some notable bookings later, we are here to tell you why the $160K price tag per person is well justified.

The Plane

On a specially outfitted Icelandair 757-200ER airplane that’s typically configured to seat nearly 200, there are just 50 Italian-designed, custom-made lie-flat seats, upholstered in soft shades of cream. The cabin is split into three quadrants, creating an exclusive, intimate feel. The 2-2 seating arrangement is perfect for couples, which comprise the majority of A&K’s private jet clientele.

Seems over-the-top, but hear us out!

The true allure of an A&K Private Jet trip lies not in the luxury Italian leather, but rather in the experience of spending nearly a month circling the globe, completing an itinerary that would normally require at least double the time and money to accomplish. Traveling private may elevate your journey to an entirely new level of luxury, convenience and flexibility, but perhaps even cooler than the unprecedented access, the exotic destinations on deck with each private jet journey are the ultimate draw – traveling with Geoffrey Kent.

A&K  just launched their newest private jet itinerary to operate in September 2020, Around The World with Geoffrey Kent. For those familiar with Abercrombie & Kent, the lure of traveling with its founder and the ultimate adventurer, Geoffrey Kent, are reason enough to lock in the limited spots on his personally guided itineraries. This routing will have guests starting stateside on the West Coast, hopping through a few culturally-rich Asian gems, stopping for some R&R in the South Pacific, exploring Africa’s West Coast and taking in Brazil’s epic sights before ending back in the bayou.  Check out a detailed recap of the stops below.

But, why the $320k Per Couple Pricetag?

Commercial airlines do not fly any of the routes published on the A&K private jet itineraries, meaning that attempting a similar trip commercially would be substantially more expensive and logistically difficult. While the around-the-world itinerary costs $160,000 per person (based on double occupancy), this represents a significant savings over the same itinerary if its parts were cobbled together individually, not to mention this experience eliminates any schedule constraints that make commercial flight inflexible. Needless to say, an experience like this is truly priceless.  Currently, the Wildlife Safari route is already sold out for this coming year, but will be available again in 2021.

Asia, Vietnam, Hanoi to Ha Long Bay (Travel Day)

Inspiring Expeditions

Inspiring Expeditions take an enormous amount of research and development as we make sure these are experiences that have never been done

For those who can’t quite manage a few weeks away, we love the A&K “Inspiring Expeditions” trip specifically for this reason. Javier Echecopar, Sales Director for A&K shares, “In comparison to our well known private jet experience, our Inspiring Expeditions are shorter, more exclusive and more insane.

Think: Ethiopia by helicopter, South Pole by plane, Palau by private yacht, Brazil by all of those. We saw an opportunity with guests that want to do something extraordinary like a Private Jet but that not everyone has three weeks to spare. That being said, the Inspiring Expeditions take an enormous amount of research and development as we make sure these are experiences that have never been done. It took our team three years and half a million in R&D to bring Geoffrey Kent’s vision for the South Pole to life.”

The 12-day adventure through South Africa, Antarctica and the South Pole alongside founder Geoffrey Kent begins with guests gathering with the expedition team in Cape Town before boarding the A&K jet to cross the Southern Ocean and land inside the Antarctic Circle. From there, the expedition base camp comprises comfortable space-age pods nestled on the edge of the continent. Guests will enjoy hospitality like they never imagined possible in earth’s harshest wilderness, guided by polar explorers selected for their passion as much as their first-hand experience of the continent.

Not only will this trip have guests with the once-in-a-lifetime chance to stand at the South Pole, but they’ll also trek 650-foot long ice caves near camp where tunnels are made of iridescent blue ice that is as surreal as it is unique. Discovering the Amundsen-Scott American science station during an exclusive tour to witness their ground-breaking research is sure to leave a lifelong impression. And with A&K’s signature surprises along the way, these itinerary highlights are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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