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Your Next Immersive Maldivian Wellness Retreat

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Of all the romantic Maldives resorts, JOALI – a wellness brand that should be on everyone’s radar – centers experiences on you.

Our SmartFlyer travel advisors are a team of experts in pairing romantic getaways focused on rejuvenating the soul with your specific taste. Always hunting for cutting-edge properties, JOALI BEING fits the bill as the only Maldivian wellbeing retreat fully integrated with nature. This romantic Maldives resort was built using biophilic design principles – a scientific system that seamlessly integrates architecture and design with nature. In other words, JOALI constructed this romantic resort around two things: you and the island’s natural wonders.

JOALI BEING centers its signature Immersion Programs around four pillars: Mind, Skin, Microbiome, and Energy. The romantic Maldives resort tailors its curated treatments, therapies, and experiences to a range of health challenges faced by clients. Rebuild your strength and vitality with guided fitness workshops or clear your mind with restorative sleep and hormonal rebalancing therapies.

Each custom retreat combines both traditional and modern methods that help you feel completely refreshed. Additionally, you might find your new favorite wellness practice in one of your customized treatments. For example, lounge in their ice grotto or discover a new recipe in their culinary workshops.

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Five nights, six days

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Couples craving some remote R+R (especially honeymooners)

Trip Style

Hyper-customizable wellness retreat completely immersed in the Maldives’s natural wonders

Agent Notes

JOALI BEING’s innovative healing experiences are not to be missed, especially their sound therapies that fully envelop guests in a blend of classical and traditional Maldivian music


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This unique resort is a 40-minute seaplane journey from Malé International Airport. With sixty-eight villas, each with its own butler or “Jadugar”, this is the region’s first nature-immersive wellbeing island retreat. Each of the living spaces come with private pools and special inclusions, such as customized mini-bar setups, meditative musical instruments, and wellbeing games.



  • Indulge in JOALI BEING’s sound-and-hydrotherapy treatments Day 2
  • Enjoy a colorful array of tea ceremonies. Day 3
  • Pick up pointers from JOALI BEING’s top culinary experts and herbalists Day 5


1 Bodufushi, Raa Atoll, the Maldives
Beginning your wellness journey

Before even stepping onto the island, you’ll be sent a pre-arrival assessment that will guide you through which experience is best suited for your lifestyle and goals. Upon arrival via seaplane, JOALI BEING’s consultation experts at the Areka spa reception will work with you to weave together a hyper-customizable itinerary. Through their exclusive Intelligent Movement Analysis and an Integrative Health Assessment, these wellness professionals craft you a highly personalized program fit for your wants and needs.

2 Bodufushi, Raa Atoll, the Maldives
Unwind in a sound and steam bath

This space blends the rich tradition of classical music…and new-age research to create a musical experience fit to your liking.

Wake up with a session at JOALI BEING’s sound therapy oasis. Featuring nine unique instruments, the Discovery Sound Path is an outdoor healing space that offers guests a unique opportunity to rebalance through harmonizing vibrations and sounds. Afterwards, you’ll be guided to an indoor cutting-edge sound bath designed by Aurelio C. Hammer, the founder of SVARAM Musical Instruments & Research. This space blends the rich tradition of classical music, international academic sound studies, and new-age research to create a musical experience fit to your liking.

After soaking in a sound bath, dip into Kaashi, the resort’s hydrotherapy hall. This sanctuary houses three separate experiences: a Russian Banya steam bath, a Nordic Aufguss sauna experience, and Japanese Watsu massage therapies. JOALI Being’s Sensory Deprivation Room and Salt Inhalation Room are also located here: two unique experiences that we love for maximum relaxation.

3 Bodufushi, Raa Atoll, the Maldives
Wining and dining, Maldives-style

Today, take a culinary tour around Bodufushi’s many culinary offerings. All food and drink options at JOALI BEING have been expertly curated with the help of the retreat’s nutritionists who can also provide personalized nutrition sessions and co-created menus. In the resort’s FLOW restaurant, opt for one of three unique dining experiences: Plantae offers nourishing vegetarian and vegan fare, Su serves ocean-to-table pescatarian cuisine, and B’Well features a signature menu filled with locally-harvested dishes that support small farms.

After dining indoors, head to the beach to find Mojo, the retreat’s coastal sanctuary with a three-layered sundeck. This is an ideal lunch and sundowner spot by the pool. It’s also home to JOALI BEING’s tea lounge SAI, which serves over sixty different types of teas. Cap off your afternoon with one of their tea ceremonies and educational lessons with the island’s resident Tea Sommelier.

4 Bodufushi, Raa Atoll, the Maldives
Your personal guided fitness and cultural workshops

…take to the ocean and explore the Maldives’ seascapes.

Inject your fourth day on the island with an array of guided fitness experiences. Start the morning with a meeting with one of JOALI’s resident movement coach. Following your workout, you’ll be guided to the In Ocean Sala – an over-water pavilion – where the resort’s dedicated specialists will guide you through a session of antigravity yoga. Your expert coaches will then walk you through oceanside meditation on their well-appointed meditation deck.

In the afternoon, take to the ocean and explore the Maldives’ seascapes. This island is home to one of three turtle conservation sanctuaries in Maldives, developed in cooperation with Olive Ridley Project, as well as a reef restoration project and a coral nursery. Take a guided tour through Okyanus, the resort’s Marine Biology Centre for an exciting exploration of Bodufushi’s underwater ecosystem. You can also meet Ozzie, the resident turtle that was officially adopted by the resort. Close out your afternoon on a chartered yacht or a dhoni boat excursion and meet the local Maldivian communities on a guided cultural tour of the island.

5 Bodufushi, Raa Atoll, the Maldives
Make your own Maldivian masterpieces

…take an exclusive six-person herbology and gastronomy class at their Culinary Centre.

For your final day on the island, round out your wellness experience with one of JOALI’s experiential workshops and experiential classes. First, take an exclusive six-person herbology and gastronomy class at their Culinary Centre. After cooking up your next hit dish, head to the lush Aktar, JOALI BEING’s herbology center. This greenery space was created in collaboration with Herba Farm and is inspired by local Maldivian spice markets. Here, you’ll meet one-on-one with the resident herbologist who’ll help you select the perfect herbs and essential oils to supplement your wellness practices. The herbologist will also walk you through the process behind their tailor-made herbal teas, natural body creams, shampoos, and massage oils.

6 Home
Heading home

After a truly magical respite, it’s time to head home. While your wellness journey at JOALI Being may be coming to a close, you’ll have plenty of stories and new practices to take home with you as you board your seaplane back to Malé International Airport.

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