French Polynesia

Contributed By Amy Zebala

Ryan and Heather Roth are one of those couples who exude style, and beautiful Bora Bora was a bucket list for this stylish couple.

From SmartFlyer Agent, Amy Zebala:

Bora Bora was a bucket list trip for the Roths, and I loved helping them bring it all together. Heather, a fine art photographer, has a background in fashion and her photographs always capture simple details in new and artistic ways.  Her husband Ryan also has impeccable taste and a photographer’s eye. Having worked with them for over a year, I’ve come to know their style, taste and – most importantly – what will move them.

All images via Heather Roth Fine Art Photography.

Le Taha'a Beach Bungalow
Le Taha’a Beach Bungalow

Ryan On Le Taha’a Resort & Spa:

We had bungalow #49 on the far west end of the property which offered the ultimate seclusion and direct views of the majestic Mt. Otemanu on Bora Bora just 15 miles away. Teak loungers on the ocean-facing deck, the private plunge pool, the garden patio, or our personal hammock? This was the biggest decision each morning. Oh, and whether to use the indoor or outdoor shower!

The next night on Taha’a was the 29th (our anniversary) so we ordered dinner to the room and enjoyed it on the deck under the stars. Stars so bright it would blow your mind. Such an amazing evening. We packed up our bags the next morning and loaded them on the boat for a scenic 30 minute jaunt over to the small airport on the adjacent island of Raiatea for our 15 minute flight to Bora Bora. A seven-minute $1,400 helicopter transfer to Bora Bora was also an option, but who’s in a hurry? Not us. Plus, the plane ticket on the puddle jumper was about fourteen times cheaper. Ha.

On activities in Taha’a:

We joined an eccentric older couple from the UK for a fantastic island tour where we learned about the primary local exports – black pearls and vanilla – it’s the most heavenly pure vanilla you will ever taste in your life. Madagascar vanilla? Nope. The real deal is from Taha’a.

That afternoon we decided to check out the ‘coral garden’ just down the beach from the hotel property. I’ve been diving in the Carribean, Hawaii, the Gulf of Thailand, and the Great Barrier Reef, and I have to say that this narrow and shallow inlet showcased some of the most incredible species of ocean life I’ve ever seen.

Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora
Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora

Ryan On Four Seasons Bora Bora:

First impressions are everything, and let me tell you that Four Seasons Bora Bora knocks it out of the park. The boat and crew that picked us up at the airport were beyond first class. I’m pretty sure that neither of us have been on a boat this nice. I was feelin’ a little bit like Thurston Howell III meets T-Pain. I’ll spare you the lyrics – gotta keep the blog G-rated. Our welcome host on arrival was really fantastic and provided a super thorough overview of the property – lots to explore and enjoy over the course of the next 4 days.

OK, I’ll try to wrap this up quickly – the mountain views, the sapphire ocean, the heavenly spa, the fresh coconut water, stand-up paddle boarding, ocean kayaking, and five star dining. Everything was perfect.

For the full story and more gorgeous images, head over to the Heather Roth Fine Art Photography blog, it will have you swooning and booking a plane ticket to the French Polynesia in no time. To work with Amy Zebala, click here.

Bora Bora
Bora Bora

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