Barrett’s natural-born curiosity drives her to collect unique intel on each destination she visits, in turn further enriching the client experience.

In her role as Product + Partnerships Manager, Barrett is able to marry her eye for detail and appreciation for the relationships built during her time at SmartFlyer. Since joining the leisure team in 2016, Barrett has traveled to countless properties around the world, expanding her network and continuing to develop her knowledge on the up-and-coming trends in the travel industry. This drive to discover new places and form friendships with the people she meets along the way was sparked by her time living in Melbourne and followed her back to New York where she began her career.

While tasting crisp Swiss wine in Lausanne, uncovering her heritage in Budapest, and strolling the streets of Montmartre stick out as some of Barrett’s most memorable trips, it’s always the next itinerary on deck that gets her excited. She’s consistently on top of the hottest hotel openings in cadence with her role in developing partnerships with the most exclusive villa rental companies, private jet operators, yacht charters, and even insurance providers, Barrett is across all aspects of the travel experience for SmartFlyer clients.