Luxury Travel Designer, ultimate travel blogger and self-confessed social media addict, Brent’s life-long penchant for luxury travel has led him to the top of the travel flash-pack.

Along with creating, writing and editing Australia’s number one luxury travel and lifestyle blog Where’s Brent Been?, he travels constantly, unearthing the latest luxury travel trends globally, sharing this first hand insider knowledge with his loyal clientele and followers of his highly respected blog and has spent the last twelve years crafting bespoke luxury travel experiences for Australia’s traveling elite.

Representing Australia on the luxury travel world stage, Brent is personally invited to attend the most prestigious travel trade shows globally such as ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) Cannes, Virtuoso Travel Week Las Vegas and Limited Edition Miami and these events enable him to make those all-important personal connections with hotels, resorts and destinations around the world.

What’s your strategy for overcoming jetlag?

Buy the most comfortable seat on the plane (hopefully that’s a bed!). I limit my alcohol intake and eat very lightly.Drink lots of water and relax with noise cancelling headphones. I try to sleep as much as possible regardless of the time zone of my destination. Once you arrive, don’t stress about waking up super early, make the most and start exploring your destination right away, you’ll experience things a whole new way. (Download a walking app such as FIELDtrip that can help guide the way in a new city in real time, it includes a curated collection of ideas from local tastemakers of where to eat and what to see)

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

Because I travel so much for work, my  vacation destinations tend to be fly and flop resorts, preferably with an ocean view and a cute town nearby to explore. (Mykonos and Taormina fit the bill perfectly)

My perfect day would start with an early walk on the beach and a swim to clear the cobwebs, then I’d plot out the perfect place to flop for the day (beach club or poolside, I really don’t mind and I make sure my Spotify summer soundtrack is on point). I’d make my way for lunch about 2pm (somewhere with an amazing view) and then nap for the rest of the afternoon , hopefully I can stay awake long enough to read the latest biography of some fallen celebrity! I’d then dress for an early dinner (casual linen and a crisp short is the uniform of this global jetsetter) but not without a stroll around the shops first and a gelato after dinner (I always sniff out the best gelati bar on arrival).

Travel Tip

  • You can never pack enough white shirts, they go with everything and when you really need it most, wearing one is like having an instant facelift!