Emily Hook

Emily’s hunger for knowledge and excitement around analyzing the latest trends are a driving force in her role as Associate Product Manager where she supports SmartFlyer’s ever-expanding network of partnerships across the globe.

During her time in college at the University of Arkansas, Emily began finding her passion for travel and new experiences. From road-tripping with friends to weekend getaways, the freedom of going somewhere completely new and ‘doing as the locals do’ created enriching memories that stay with her to this day. Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Emily took her first international trip solo and landed in Ireland, where she immersed herself in an internship with a Language School in the heart of Dublin. From friendships with fellow internees to connecting with students from all different backgrounds who filtered through the program at the campus, these interactions further expanded Emily’s horizon and gave her the itch to travel like never before.

Shortly after this time, Emily made the ever-exciting move to Manhattan to begin her next adventure – and found the SmartFlyer team is doing so! Her background as a ‘numbers girl’ paired with her eagerness to be ahead of industry trends has brought her to the Products and Partnerships realm with her role as Associate Product Manager, supporting Barrett Hollo and our industry Partners on a daily basis. Facilitating + strengthening connections between partners and our SF family is always top of mind, and seeing these connections bloom and prosper is the best reward!

How do you prepare for your trips?

My favorite part of traveling is experiencing what a typical day would be for a local; following along with a friend who has lived in the area before, or asking locals where the best spot is for coffee and taking suggestions for what to do after dinner has never steered me wrong! My best tip would be to go with a plan, do your research on the places you would like to go for meals and experiences, but always be open for a change of plans once you’re on the ground. Some things you just can’t plan!

What is your most memorable travel experience?

When I touched down in Dubrovnik and rode out to our resort the first day, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the view; the continuous, winding coastline highway was mesmerizing! We had already planned for a rental car to be ready at the property, and this turned out to be the most worthwhile pre-planned expense. We drove up and down the coastline on each day, usually having dinner in Dubrovnik’s city center before driving home – though our stop in a small inland city of Orašac, just Northwest of Dubrovnik where the highway weaves away from the coast and into the mountains, turned out to be our most memorable experience. We pulled off the road at a small winery and took a pause in our day, with no plans or time restrictions, and immersed ourselves in the history of the area. The Peljesac region, where they’re known for their red wine made right in the mountainous terrain, prompted a need to for a sentimental keepsake before departing. With the sun beginning to lower, and our favorite bottle from the day in hand, we set back off down the highway towards Dubrovnik for dinner.