Lianna Guttzeit

New York
14 Years of experience

With the belief that the client experience should be exceptional every single time, Lianna approaches travel planning with an understanding that details make all the difference.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, Lianna began her career in the travel industry on the hotel side, working front of house. This experience lent itself well to her transition into the agency side as a Manhattan-based travel advisor. It was during these formidable years that she further developed skills rooted in personalization, anticipating high-touch client needs and booking business class airfare. As a bridge to her role in travel agent education, Lianna focused specifically on corporate business. Prior to joining SmartFlyer, she channeled her passion for people into developing talent within the travel space.

Lianna brings fifteen years of industry expertise to her role at SmartFlyer as Executive Director. She is focused on making the booking process seamless for clients as well as ensuring their travels are infused with those finer touchpoints that can only be executed by a seasoned travel professional. When she’s not at the office or hopping on a plane to check out her next bucket list destination, Lianna is fueled by running; she has completed the NYC marathon and countless half marathons. Naturally, running is in perfect balance with her appreciation for exquisite culinary experiences – Lianna’s Italian-Colombian heritage is evident when it comes to her vices: she loves a full-bodied Italian red paired with a meal at favorites like Del Posto, or, simply gathered around the table with family and friends.

How do you prepare for your trips?

For me, the little touches make the biggest difference in creating trips that turn into lifelong memories. So, after double-confirming seat assignments on flights and ensuring all necessary transfers are added on, we get to move on to the fun stuff! For a city trip, I’m sure to make reservations in advance at all the restaurants and cocktail bars I know I can’t miss; for instance, on a recent trip to London, a visit to sketch was a must! For beach destinations–aside from making sure I have my next read loaded onto my Kindle–it’s about pre-booking spa appointments and any off-resort excursions. Of course, partnering with a SmartFlyer travel advisor who’s there to help you get all these aspect sorted out in advance allows you to truly enjoy your trip as opposed to stressing about the details upon arrival.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

I’ve had the chance to travel the Caribbean and Mexico fairly extensively, so I’ve got my sights set a bit further beyond home for future trips. I’d love to explore the undisturbed nature offered by Alaska, return to la dolce vita in Italy and make it over to the Greek islands for the ultimate Mediterranean experience.

Travel Tip

  • Once you've arrived at your dreamy destination, truly allow yourself to relish in it. Sometimes we struggle to get off email and disconnect from the stresses of home, but vacation is sacred. Enjoy every moment...you deserve it!