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Marienne Guberina


Marienne loves all things travel and has been working in the industry for more than 20 years in a range of different roles but mostly in the luxury travel space. 

She is passionate about architecture, design, fashion and food which compliments her love of travel perfectly.

Helping her clients create truly memorable trips is what gets her excited.  Coming up with bespoke itineraries and experiences for her well-travelled, discerning clients has always a priority and that journey has led her to this point of creating her bespoke agency The Design Travel Group. 

Her global connections ensure that her clients are always looked after and every detail is covered.  

Having 3 children of her own, family and multi-generational travel is a favourite to organise and she is sensitive to the special needs and requests of families that ensure a hassle free trip. 

 Too many favourite destinations to list but among them though would have to be Italy, New York, Morocco and Canada.  She feels as at home on the ski slopes with breathtaking mountain scenery as she would lounging close to crystal clear waters on a sunny island escape.  Escaping to a winter wonderland would always be the preferred getaway – there is something about fresh mountain air, comfort food, long ski runs and a hot tub after a hard day of skiing that is pretty hard to beat.

The travel wish list keeps on growing – fortunately booking travel for her many and varied clients helps curb those cravings when not travelling she is thinking about it, talking about it or planning it. 

For Marienne her role in travel is finding the perfect marriage between the client and creating the perfect plans to make their dream become a reality.