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Melissa Gulotta

LocationNew York
Experience16 Years
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For this agent, traveling is about going off the beaten path, getting your hands dirty, and discovering treasures along the way.

Once upon a time, Melissa worked in finance. Today, with over 14 years of experience at top NYC agencies, Melissa calls SmartFlyer home. As SmartFlyer’s Director of Leisure, she oversees the development of the company’s leisure program, tapping into her love for authentic and unique finds, from the best pub in London to hole-in-the-wall gems in Amsterdam.

Hawaii has without a doubt become one of my top destinations. Hawaii is so much more than a beach destination. It encompasses beauty, adventure, and a way of life.  Italy is so alive with history and culture that it makes you feel as though you’ve gone back in time. Watching the sun rise over the Tuscan hills was so serene, and zipping through the Venice canals was something out of an old film.

My dream travel companion is my 70lb Doberman Cocoa. I always say that I wish she could talk, and I always want to take her on my journeys. I can totally picture her in Paris with a beret and scarf around her neck,  exploring the city on a bicycle, or trying out some hefeweizen in Munich…she is German after all. She would be the ultimate travel buddy!

Favorite Travel Tip

Use packing cubes -they're great for organizing and making more space in your bag.


Melissa is the Messiah of Travel Agents! -Rebecca Drescher

Melissa has consistently put together amazing vacations for my family year after year. She always knows the best places to go which fit my budget and always gets us the best deal with all the extras! I always call Melissa for my travel needs and she is quick, responsive and always gets the job done with style! If you want to show your family a great memorable time - call Melissa!-Robert Kantor

Fabulous trip, Melissa did an exceptional job planning and coordinating the various modes of transportation and excursions. We had a wonderful, stress free trip. The JK Capri Hotel was a small, boutique hotel, great food and impeccable service. Ravello was breath taking and we plan to return and visit both places again. Paul loved the boat trip, and it was a highlight of the trip. Melissa is patient, kind and professional, she truly understands customer care, and is an expert in the travel industry. Thank you!!!-Lynn Tufano


The North Pole