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Amina Dearmon

LocationNew Orleans
Experience3 Years

Amina believes that luxury travel must encompass three key components: exclusive access, unique experiences, and exceptional service.

This ethos is built on Amina’s more than 15-year career as a luxury beauty and fashion executive where she learned that what consumers truly crave is personalization. Amina’s goal is to get to know her clients as the individuals that they are so that she can create their moment of luxury anywhere in the world. Amina has fueled her skills as a master to-do list maker, organizational maven, and travel enthusiast and transformed them into a career that lets her create “needle in a haystack” travel experiences for clients. She is a huge proponent of immersive and authentic travel and gets giddy when clients request restaurant and cocktail recommendations. She finds joy in the travel planning tasks that others consider nuisances and her adoration of travel has been lifelong and evolving.

As a 2020 Travel+Leisure A-List Advisor and Caribbean specialist, Amina particularly enjoys sending clients to “undiscovered” islands like Bequia, Saba, Isla Múcura, and Montserrat. She also relishes the opportunity to plan what she calls pavement and paradise travel. These multi-destination jaunts take clients to a vibrant city center where they can be immersed in history, art, and culture before being pampered and lounging on a beautiful beach. Amina’s affection for the Caribbean started early with annual family trips to the Bahamas, and was deepened when she got married on picturesque Green Turtle Cay, part of the Out Islands of the Bahamas.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

The moment I hit the water after jumping off my overwater bungalow in Bora Bora is something I’ll never forget. French Polynesia was the number one destination on my bucket list and it was more spectacular than I ever imagined. When I got to Moorea, I thought I was in paradise and then I stepped onto Bora Bora and I completely understood why it’s ranked as a top destination for so many people. From breakfast being delivered via a traditional Proa boat to swimming with stingrays and sharks, this trip was the perfect mix of relaxation, adventure, and exploration.

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

My dream vacation day begins with walking up to a view of the ocean around 10am, just in time to have breakfast delivered with a mimosa made with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Then, I’d venture out with a private guide to explore the city center with stops at locally owned boutiques, art galleries, and important cultural sites. After lunch at a restaurant frequented by locals, I’d grab a book from my room before heading down to the beach. The next four hours would consist of me jumping waves, sipping on craft cocktails, collecting seashells, and pretending to read my book while I’m actually dozing off! After a quick outfit change, it’s time to take a chef-led cooking class followed by live music at an intimate venue.

Favorite Travel Tip

If you need to bring back gifts for family and friends or want to replicate a dish you had while on vacation, stop by the local grocery store at your destination and look for locally made tags on items like candy, snack foods, tea, coffee, and condiments.


What an amazing trip!! We seriously had the best time. We are NEVER that adventurous. Normally its lay on the beach a couple days, go fishing, and then back to the beach lol. We were so exhausted every day we got back to the hotel. We cannot thank you enough for planning this trip for us. Thank you again and we will definitely be in touch on our next big trip!-R.L.

We had a fantastic trip! Both of the hotels were outstanding and your recommendation to stay out both was an excellent one - it felt like we had two separate vacations which was awesome! The transportation was great - the drivers were professional and timely and the service was over the top.-K.L.


2020 Travel + Leisure A-List Advisor


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