Ariana Wong

30 Years of experience

Travel to broaden the mind and create memories that last a lifetime.

Growing up in a small German village near Heidelberg, travel was a foreign concept for Ariana. Though it was not familiar, she often longed to get on a plane to experience destinations she merely dreamed of. Her first flight was to Australia which brought a dream to fruition. Once in the air, Ariana’s passion for travel was ignited. To keep that passion for travel alive, she became a flight attendant; this role allowed her to fly around the globe from her home base in Germany. Ariana then relocated to Australia where she studied tourism and ultimately became a travel advisor. Now, with twenty-eight years behind her and an impressive list of loyal clients, Ariana’s true niche is luxury travel.

Having lived and worked across three different countries and continents, Ariana credits her knowledge to experiencing and understanding the nuances of various cultures from around the world. Apart from her genuine caring nature, her ability and knowledge to design the perfect holiday for her clients make her one of the most sought-after agents in Australia. Ariana prides herself on adding specialized experiences to her clients’ travels, creating highly personalized itineraries for each trip.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Whilst I was traveling through a sleet storm in Bhutan, I picked up five young monk boys who were walking along the road in sandals and their gowns, barely covered. I quickly ushered them into my vehicle, not realizing it was their first ever time in a car, their reactions were heartwarming. This will forever be the most sobering encounter and a meaningful highlight of my travels.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting?

I look forward to ticking more destinations off of my travel bucket list. Next on my list is seeing the gorillas in Rwanda, visiting the Galapagos Islands–famous for its unique and diverse wildlife–and cruising through the Raja Ampat Archipelago in Indonesia to see the incredible marine life. I am always keen to get up close and personal with animals, whether land or sea-based, not only to learn about them but to help protect them as well.

Travel Tip

  • Don’t rush to see a continent in 7 days, choose less places and do them right