Where You Should Travel Next, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Contributed By Kayla Douglas

Here at SmartFlyer HQ, you could say we geek out over how our sun, moon, and rising signs impact the way we interact with the world.

And while we’re certainly not astrologists – despite that we can’t seem to stay away from cult apps like The Pattern or Co-Star – we are in the business of matching personalities with destinations. Where should you visit next, you ask? Well, with some help from expert travel advisors, we’ve paired your sign with some of the hottest places and properties on our radar right now.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

With the astrological symbol of a lion, Leos are naturally passionate and sophisticated. They are often highly creative and need constant inspiration to fuel their next venture. A culturally-rich destination is right up their alley, which makes Sri Lanka the perfect pick! This diverse country offers city exploring, beach lounging and eye-opening elephant safari opportunities, all within a fairly compact area to ensure even the most energetic Leos will stay engaged.

Where to Stay

We love starting with Amangalla for its historic Dutch colonial build right in the heart of Galle, a fortified old city on the southwest coast. With this as a homebase, Leos can venture out of the city and visit one of the country’s famous tea plantations. For the beach bum portion of the trip, Amanwella offers prime Indian Ocean real estate combined with the iconic service Aman is known to offer its discerning guests. We suggest checking off that activity box with morning yoga on the beach for the ultimate start to the day! Plus, your travel advisor can arrange either an elephant safari or visit to an elephant orphanage for the chance see these majestic animals in their natural environment, sure to be a highlight of the trip.

When to Go

The best time of year to visit Sri Lanka is October through April, as summer brings monsoon season.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

With an eye for detail, this Earth sign tends to organize every aspect of their life, vacation included. They thrive off extensive research and view each new destination as an opportunity to discover the very best of what’s out there. Needless to say, a relaxing beach trip likely won’t satisfy the ever-restless Virgo, so it’s crucial to incorporate variety into their adventures. South Africa offers rich culture, authentic cuisine and animal conservation to make for the ultimate mix! Starting with the hustle-and-bustle of Cape Town will slowly ease even the most structured Virgo out of their routine, followed by a food focus in the Winelands before heading out to Kruger National Park for safari to truly disconnect.

Where to Stay

We love starting this itinerary in vibrant Cape Town with a check-in at The Silo, a family-owned architectural gem sitting above the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africain. After a few days in the city exploring everything from Bo-Kaap to Cape Point (oh, and did we mention a helicopter over Table Mountain?), it’s time to head to and La Residence in Franschhoek. Naturally, vino tastings galore – paired with some time poolside to finally crack that book open – are in order during Virgo’s time in the Winelands. But, then it’s off to the real highlight of this adventure…safari! Pairing a few nights at Singita Ebony Lodge with Singita Lebombo Lodge makes for the epitome of game viewing in style. For our full itin (because Virgos, we know you need more), check out our “Sojourn to South Africa” and “The Safari Packing Guide.”

When to Go

May through September is peak season as wildlife is easier to spot due to there being less vegetation and animals gathering around water sources. Plus, there is little to no rain during this period, so skies are clear; most days are sunny with few mosquitos!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

With a keen interest in balance in all things, Libras seek a destination that’s not too exotic yet still feels elegant. It’s equally important that their tastemaker side is appealed to making a refined European city ideal. Paris is the classic, whimsical choice for Libra. Whether they’ve visited half a dozen times before or its their first trip to the City of Light, the Parisian capital offers both iconic museums like Musée d’Orsay and of-the-moment exhibits like the Louis Vuitton Foundation for this air sign to explore at their leisure.

Where to Stay

Opulent and decadent, we’re still swooning over Hôtel Lutetia on the Left Bank. While the property has over a hundred years of history, it was recently refurbished to offer every modern luxury (uhm, hello, Dyson hairdryers!) that a Libra could want. From the chic bar frequented by locals to the stunning suites with sweeping views of the Eiffel Tower, this is an idyllic Parisian home away from home when Libra wants to entertain – if only for a moment – that they really could buy that flat that’s for sale next door. Plus, with a location just a stone’s throw from Hermès and Le Bon Marché, shopaholics will rejoice.

When to Go

We love shoulder season in Paris, directly before and after the crowds get too crazy. A springtime visit in April or May allows for the promise of freshly blooming parks whereas a fall visit is all about layering up! For the fashionista Libra, Paris Fashion Week falls on September 23-October 1st  this year.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

As an intuitive, heady personality, Scorpios have an attraction to mystery and spirituality. This water sign is confident, perfectly matched with places that are just as loud and bold as they are in all aspects of life. Mexico City makes for the ultimate city escape for Scorpios thanks to its vibrant culture, insane food scene and world-class art. Even better, the strong elements of spirituality here can even bleed into magic if Scorpio wants to lean into their supernatural side. Cue, voodoo dolls being purchased at Senora Market.

Where to Stay

Four Seasons Mexico City is Scorpio’s tranquil oasis in the midst of this bustling city. This colonial-style building located on Paseo de la Reforma is super charming with lots of local design touches, making guests feel like they’ve been transported to another time and space altogether. We especially love the lush courtyard, outfitted in cozy firepits perfect for cozying up with a cocktail.

When to Go

For an extra memorable visit, plan your stay around Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This is a celebration of life and death and not be confused as a Mexican version of Halloween. This year, the holiday begins on October 31st and ends on November 2nd. Visiting during this time means Scorpio can observe the grand parade, join in on live music and just generally enjoy the festivities of this spiritual celebration.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Continually on a quest for knowledge, this fire sign is often seeking an adventure. Sagittarius embodies a philosophical approach to life, so their explorations need to match the pursuit of a higher understanding of the world. Upscale train travel is the ultimate way to fire up this intellect’s mind and spirit. In particular, tracks through Peru’s natural wonders and ancient kingdoms offer ample opportunity for learning.

Where to Stay

The Belmond Andean Explorer train is South America’s first luxury sleeper train, sure to spark a sense of enchantment in even the most well-traveled guests. Start in Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire before riding across the lofty Andean plains to the white city of Arequipa. Highlights include Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon, with every vantage point in between viewable from the comforts of the fabulous Observation Car.

When to Go

April through October are ideal, with June, July and August being considered peak season.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Natural-born hustlers, Capricorns are easily sucked into work, constantly fixated on achieving their next professional milestone. When it comes to travel, they need a vacation that truly will transport them from their practical and sometimes conservative nature. Ideally, they need to stay physically active when traveling, as their fitness routines are integral to who they are as a person. Escaping to the Galápagos, a warm-weather destination with sustainability in mind, will perfectly suit this earth sign.

Where to Stay

Pikaia Lodge is a concept designed for the environmentally conscious, physically active and adventurous traveler. With the highest caliber of service in this remote, eco-sensitive locale, Pikaia gives guests the opportunity to combine land and sea programming while still maintaining a luxury experience. Capricorns will love being able to go snorkeling, visit the Charles Darwin Scientific Research Centre or take a daytrip on the hotel yacht to watch sea lions, iguanas, lava lizards and more.

When to Go

In the Galápagos, seasons are divided into cool and dry from June through November to warm and wet from December to June. We recommend clients visit during the warmer months for calmer waters since rain showers tend to be short-lived.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Known to be fiercely independent, this air sign (despite having ‘aqua’ in its name, Aquarius is not a water sign!), needs travel plans that let them beat to their own drum. They seek a destination that will give them mental stimulation and the ability to connect with something unfamiliar, whether it be a new language or unique kind of cuisine. A city as independent as this sign, we love Barcelona for the Aquarius traveler. Bonus? They are pro solo travelers and BCN is the type of city where you can’t help but make new friends with each new tapas joint!

Where to Stay

With so many distinct neighborhoods to explore, a central location for accomodations is crucial, making EDITION Barcelona an easy choice. This newly opened Ian Schrager property is sleek, sexy and fun – the kind of place you could hang out on the rooftop terrace and still feel like you’re experiencing the best the city has to offer. Plus, it’s El Born location facilitates walking access to Santa Caterina Market, Las Ramblas, and the iconic Gaudí buildings on Passeig de Gràcia. Aquarius shouldn’t miss an evening performance at their in-house nightclub, Cabaret, for something extra spicy.

When to Go

Like many European cities, BCN is best enjoyed during the warmer months. Peak tourism season is in the heart of summer, but opting for early fall or late spring is also an option to avoid the crowds.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Represented by two fish, Pisces are imaginative, compassionate and often spiritual. This water sign’s empathetic nature – they are masters at giving without expecting anything in return – means their vacation time has to be relaxing. They feel pulled to the water, which makes a beach escape ideal. But a Pisces doesn’t want the average all-inclusive getaway; they’ll travel much further for exclusivity, making Brazil’s artisan town of Trancoso a perfect fit. The destination is a mecca of more than just caipirnhas and capoeira. A visit to this rustic beach town is bursting with creativity due to its robust art scene and cultured clientele.

Where to Stay:

Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa offers its guests an authentic Trancoso experience thanks to its location in the car-free, UNESCO-protected town. The ultimate romantic retreat, guests can expect 10 private casas to choose from at this barefoot chic haven. Interiors are swoon-worthy and will totally satisfy the design nerd within Pisces. For the complete experience, private cooking classes are taught by Trancoso locals after a day spent at the beach club.

When to Go:

Over the festive season (beginning in late December and extending into early January), this region is buzzing. São Paulo society descends on Quadrado, the downtown area of Trancoso, and restaurant scene is more like one big holiday bacchanal. For calmer vibes, come in March and April, Brazil’s autumn season.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Like their fellow fire signs, Aries is energetic and pioneering, always up for something new. They don’t need a vacation per se, rather, they seek an adventure; but don’t bother sending them somewhere their friends have already discovered. Aries needs to feel like they are chartering new territory when they travel. Bonus points if their destination allows them to be active while connecting to their spiritual side, making the landlocked Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan a natural fit. As the country in the world to measure success not by economic growth but by “gross national happiness,” there is much to be uncovered here for Aries.

Where to Stay

With a collection of five distinct lodges spread throughout the country, Six Senses Bhutan offers immense variety in the region. Aries can explore each property in the collection or pick and choose – but no matter what, Bhutan is no place to rush. It’s recommended to take approximately two weeks for a journey to all five lodges, each of which is viewed as a stepping stone where visitors get to chart their own path. Form birdwatching on a bridge at the Gangtey lodge to gathering around an open fire at Paro or soaking up the forest views through expansive windows in the Bumthang suite, the options are endless.

When to Go

There are two high season for Bhutan, one in the Spring from March to May and the other in the autumn from September to November. It’s worth noting that the Himalayan views are best in October, whereas rhododendron blooms peak in March and April.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

This Earth sign is intrinsically connected to nature; they love to be immersed in serene destinations. But Taurus is also a big foodie, so they need to travel to a destination that will give them access to delicious cuisine without having to trek through a city to get it. With their love for fresh air, access to outdoor activities – to cancel out all that farm-to-table food – is ideal. That said, a wellness retreat in the Redwoods is an excellent marriage for health conscious Taurus.

Where to Stay

The iconic wellness brand Canyon Ranch recently opened its first retreat style outpost in the forests of Northern California. Canyon Ranch Woodside will offer curated multi-day programs crafted by their award-winning wellness experts, each designed to help guests find their way to a full rebirth of mind, body, spirit and soul. Taurus will love the structure of the retreat schedules, including workshops, spa, fitness programming and more.

When to Go

The signature retreats offer pre-designed programs set over the course of four to five days, with dates currently available for November 2019, December 2019 and January 2020.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Known to be one of the most intellectual and spontaneous signs of the zodiac, Geminis need a destination that will keep them stimulated with a playful and quirky vibe. Their curious nature has them wanting to learn something new – even on vacation – before they’d ever lie on a beach. So, a jaunt to Germany’s capital combined with the countryside is an ideal match for this natural-born explorer. Gemini will feel right at home in Berlin’s avant-garde music and gritty art scene before exploring a cultural hideaway tucked in the Bavarian Alps.

Where to Stay

The partnership of boutique hotel Orania.Berlin with well-known wellness haven Schloss Elmau makes for the perfect pairing in this region. With a location in Oranienplatz – essentially Berlin’s equivalent of Williamsburg – Oriana.Berlin offers its guests a more authentic neighborhood experience where they can dip into the Salon for live jazz, classical performances or perhaps a film screening. Once getting their cultural fix from the city, Gemini will love the chance to discover the beauty of the Bavarian Alps with its crystal-clear lakes, lofty peaks and fairytale castles, all within reach of Schloss Elmau.

When to Go

Peak summer season is ideal for this combo as Berlin is one of the few European cities that really does put its best foot forward in July and August. With the ample parks and outdoor bars and restaurants, Gemini will want to take advantage of Germany directly after their birthday!

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Known to be loving, warm and family-oriented, Cancer needs a destination that satisfies their romantic spirit. But, they also are seek their creature comforts while traveling, so they thrive in destinations that feel familiar. Florence aligns in all the right ways, as it’s friendly locals are sure to point Cancer in the direction of the chillest piazza, local artisans and maybe even that hidden trattoria that only the true insiders know how to find.

Where to Stay

Cancer will feel at peace in Florence as they live out their own version of  ‘La Dolce Vita.’ They tend to enjoy hotel settings that are intimate, so a boutique property is best for this water sign; checking in at family owned and operated. J.K. Place Firenze will be just the ticket! In fact, General Manager Claudio Meli personally greets guests, sure to point them in the right direction of the most iconic places to eat and things to do in Florence. Cancer shouldn’t miss the chance to stroll along the Arno River with gelato in hand before taking off.

When to Go

Our obsession with Florence knows no seasonality, but traditionally, guests enjoy it most from May to October.

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